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Drug Name: Granusol
Generic Name(s): trypsin/balsam peru/castor oil
Drug Class: Topical debriding agents
Treats: Bed Sore, Venous Ulcers

Granusol is a medication that assists in enhancing the flow of blood to the wound area. Granusol also helps in fighting the bacterial infections. It belongs to the category of drugs known as Topical debriding agents and it is generically available as trypsin/balsam Peru/castor oil. Granusol relieves pain and aids in healing.

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Granusol Uses

The trypsin in Granusol is an enzyme that acts by breaking up and removing the dead tissue and skin. In addition, balsam Peru in Granusol that is a mild antiseptic aid in preventing the bacteria from growing and it might also assist in the growth of your skin cells. The last part which is castor oil in Granusol acts by protecting and soothing the affected areas. Granusol is a combination medication that treats:

  •  skin wounds
  • ulcers
  •  It aids in relieving pain, as well as healing

Granusol Dosage

The following details indicate the average Granusol dosage that most healthcare providers give to their patients. Follow the doctor's directions and orders as stated on the label. If you find your dosage is different, do not start or stop taking it or even change it unless ordered so by your health care provider.

The usual Granusol topical dosage is as follows:

Dermatologic Lesion Adult Dosage

  • For Balsam Peru/castor oil/trypsin take 87 mg-788 mg-0.12 mg/g topical gel, and also Balsam Peru/castor oil/trypsin take 87 mg-788 mg-90 units/g topical ointment:
  • Use a thin film topically twice per day
  • Balsam Peru/castor oil/trypsin topical take 87 mg-788 mg-0.12 mg/g spray: Use a thin film topically twice per day


Granusol Side Effects

Granusol medications may have its unwanted effects. If you notice any changes or see any unlikely situation you might experience you are advised to immediately seek medical attention.

The common side effects of Granusol topical are;

  • Temporary stinging
  • fever/chills,
  • fast breathing (hyperventilation),
  • fast heartbeat,
  • Warm skin, weakness.

Granusol severe side effects are: 

  • Rash
  •  Hives
  • itching
  • the difficulty breathing
  • tight chest
  • mouth, face, lips, or tongue swelling
  • severe dizziness

Granusol Interactions

Currently, there are no reported drug interactions for Granusol. It is not probably that the medication you orally take or inject will have an impact on Granusol applied, but many medicines can interact with one another. Mention the list of the medications you use to your health care professional including vitamins, herbal products, over the counter and prescription drugs. 

You shouldn't change your prescribed medication or start or even stop using Granusol without seeking medical consultation. If this drug gets contact with your mouth, nose, eyes, vagina, groin area or rectum, rinse with plenty water. Ask your physician or read the label about the types or skin parts you should apply Granusol.

  • No known drug interactions with Granusol