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Drug Name: Granulsol
Drug Class: Topical debriding agents
Treats: skin wounds

Granulsol is an antihistamine lotion that relieves the itching and pain linked with the insect bites, minor burns, minor skin irritations, and sunburn. It also treats pain and itching associated with scrapes, minor cuts, and rashes due to the poison oak, poison ivy, and poison sumac. 

Granulsol is generically available as diphenhydramine and belongs to the medication category known as topical antihistamines.

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Granulsol Uses

Granulsol might also contain some other ingredients (skin protectants such as allantoin, zinc acetate) that might assist in relieving the symptoms such as weeping, dry skin, or oozing. It acts by preventing the histamine activities, therefore, reducing the symptoms of the allergic reactions.

Granulsol temporarily relieves pain and itching that are brought about by disorders such as:

  • scrapes
  • sunburn
  • minor skin irritations
  • insect bites or stings
  • minor burns.

Granulsol addresses the incidences such as:

  • poison ivy
  • poison oak
  • minor cuts
  • poison sumac
  •  scratches.


Granulsol Dosage

Below is the necessary dose used by many doctors to give Granulsol to their patients. However, depending on the medical condition and history, a doctor may prescribe a different regimen. You should not start or stop taking the drugs or even change the prescribed dose unless directed by your healthcare provider.

The recommended Granulsol dosage is as below:


  • Clean the affected parts with water and soap and gently pat dry
  • Apply Granulsol lotion 3-4 times in a day


  • Granulsol is not recommended for children aged 2,6 or 12 years unless under the physician directions.

Granulsol Side Effects

Granulsol medication may have its unwanted common, infrequent and rare side effects. Any unlikely situation you might experience, immediately seek medical attention.

The more common side effect of Granulsol is:

  • Skin irritation
  • Dryness;
  • mild stinging,
  • burning,
  •  itching

The severe Granulsol side effects are:

  • rash; hives, tight chest
  • itching; difficulty breathing;
  • mouth, face, lips, or tongue Swelling
  • the face/tongue/throat itching/swelling
  • severe dizziness, trouble breathing
  • acne-like rash; burning,
  •  cracking, irritation,
  • peeling
  • excessive hair growth;
  • inflamed hair follicles;
  •  inflammation around the mouth;
  • Skin thinning, softening, or discoloration.

Granulsol Interactions

There are possible medicine interactions with Granulsol. Don't start or stop using the drug or even change the prescribed dosage without consulting your doctor. Drug interactions may caused unwamted effects and you should be careful when combining medications. The few of drugs that cause moderate and severe interactions with Granulsol are seven brands and generic names. They include:

  • APO-Go (apomorphine)
  • APO-Go Pen (apomorphine)
  • Apokyn (apomorphine)
  • apomorphine
  • sodium oxybate
  • Uprima (Apomorphine)
  • Xyrem (sodium oxybate)