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Drug Name: Glucoleader
Generic Name(s): Glucose meter
Drug Class: medical devices
Treats: blood glucose levels, diabetes

Glucoleader is a medical device used to determine the concentration of glucose in the blood. Glucoleader is essential for home blood glucose monitoring (HBGM) to people with diabetes. By piercing the skin for a drop of blood, and placing on a disposable test strip attached to the Glucoleader for the results.

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Glucoleader Uses

Glucoleader is a test device for use at home to measure the amount of glucose in your blood. This is the sugar your body uses as a source of energy. If you are diabetic, you will need Glucoleader to help you administer and control your blood sugar levels. With Glucoleader, you take a quantitative test, which will help you know the amount of glucose present in your blood samples. Diabetics are advised to use Glucoleader to help their doctors determine and adjust their daily treatment, diet and exercise plan to help patients stabilize their sugar levels. Glucoleader is typically used to:

  • monitor blood glucose
  • Helps in diabetes treatment

Glucoleader Dosage

The primary goal to manage diabetes is being achieved through guided HBGM numerous times a day by the use of Glucoleader.

Below is a typical procedure on how to use Glucoleader:

  • First, set out your Glucoleader, a test strip, a lancet and alcohol prep pad.
  • Turn on the Glucoleader. Attach test strip in the machine when it’s ready. Watch the indicator for placing the blood to the strip.
  • With clean hands, prepare the blood drawing area (normally the finger).
  • Wipe the finger with alcohol prep, pierce it and obtain the blood.
  • Place the drop on the strip.
  • Glucoleader will display the result.
  • Keep the records to help your doctor give you the best treatment plan.

Glucoleader Side Effects

Glucoleader, being a device not an oral or any other kind of medicine has no side effect other than the itchy or painful feeling when piercing. Nevertheless, it is advisable that great hygiene may be observed especially when you are handling blood from a patient, surgical gloves and alcohol prep pads to wipe the finger to be pierced are recommended. Below you will find a list of side effects associated with Glucoleader.

  • Pain on fingertips
  • Itchiness

Glucoleader Interactions

Glucoleader is a device used on the body hence it should not have interactions with other drugs. Certainly drugs and substances may not affect how Glucoleader works. When used properly, following the advice of your doctors, Glucoleader will be of great help to people with diabetes. The test result from Glucoleader will help the doctor to advise you for the best drug or medication suitable to use.

  • It is always good to check on your doctor regularly with the records you have taken with the Glucoleader. Also, when visiting your doctor, it’s advisable to inform them of any drug that you may be taking especially for the control of blood sugar.