General Practice – Dental

General dental practice involves the evaluation, diagnosis, surgical or nonsurgical treatment and prevention of disorders and conditions that affect the maxillofacial area, oral cavity, teeth, gums and associated or adjacent structures and the impact that they have in the human body. General dental practitioners offer general maintenance of the tooth health and oral hygiene.

General dentists constitute a majority of dental experts that practice in the United States. To be a dentist, one must undergo three to four years of undergraduate education plus an additional four years in dental school. After graduation, dentists the take a licensure examination that is needed by the State that they desire to practice in. After taking board exams, some dentists become associates or partners with other dental practitioners in a group practice. Other professionals open their own practice. Some general dentists will work for research programs, corporations, the military, higher education or in government health services.

Most general dental practitioners are highly trained and experienced in various dental procedures. Therefore, most of them will provide a variety of services and not just in a single field of dentistry. Some of the services offered include: cosmetic procedures, dental implants, dentures, gum disease treatment, crowns and bridges, mouth guards, oral surgery, orthodontics, sealants, partial dentures, root canal therapy, restorative care, teeth cleanings, home care instruction and nutrition counseling. General dental experts offer oral health care for individuals of all age groups. Therefore, they will cater to the needs of every individual in the family whether young or old.

Ideally, dentistry is mainly preventative. The American Dental Association (ADA) suggests that individuals visit their dental practitioner regularly, usually twice a year to guarantee functionality and appropriate oral hygiene. Regular oral health maintenance and checkups prevent development of any severe dental problems that call for expensive treatment. If you are vigilant and regularly visit your dentist, you will certainly enjoy excellent dental health.

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