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Drug Name: Gabadone
Generic Name(s): Hyaluronate sodium
Drug Class: polyphenols
Treats: sleep disorders

Gabadone is a medical drug designed to fulfill the nutritional needs for inducing sleep, enhancing restorative sleep and decreasing snoring in people who are suffering from anxiety-linked to sleep disorders. Gabadone offers the amino acids which are precursors to the neuro-transmitters which have been exhausted in humans, the neurotransmitters that stimulate sleep

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Gabadone Uses

Gabadone supplies the nutrients needed by your  brain to stimulate and sustain good quality, beneficial sleep initiate sleep, sustain deep sleep, and enable the patient to wake up refreshed). This drug is used as component of a regime to deal with;

  • insomnia
  • sleep apnea 
  • anxiety

While the positive aspects of Gabadone will arise in the initial few doses, the results of Gabadone will allow continued enhancement of sleep patterns within the first sixty days of use. This drug may be administered by your doctor for other conditions not mentioned here.

Gabadone Dosage

Dosage should be tailored for maximum beneficial impact. While the regular daily doses listed below will fulfill the requirements of most people, there'll be some who may need higher doses. In these instances, dosage ought to be increased carefully to avoid adverse effects.
Recommended doses

  • Take 1(10 mg) or 2 tablets at bedtime to trigger sleep.
  • Take 1 or 2 tablets at night if you wake up and cannot get back to sleep.

Because of varying reactions to Central Nervous System-acting drugs, start therapy with smallest dose and raise as needed. Gabadone should not be administered to children below 6 months.

Gabadone Side Effects

The side-effects profile of Gabadone are similar to the pace of food intolerance within the general populace. The ingredient composition of Gabadone is manufactured from nutrient-based compounds located in the regular food chain. When first beginning any amino acid treatment, some individuals complain of;

  • stomach upset,
  • mild headaches or
  •  mouth dryness.

These symptoms are minor and momentary and can be regulated by taking a lot of fluids and properly titrating the dosage. Rarely, some people feel nervous or over stimulated. These side-effects are treated by decreasing the dose.

Gabadone Interactions

Gabadone has not been extensively analyzed for interactions with other drugs, herbs, foods or supplements. The interactions listed here are based upon reports in scientific journals, lab tests, or traditional use. To avoid potential interactions always read through product labels. If you've a medical condition or are using other medications, herbs, or health supplements, it is best to speak with a competent physician before starting a new therapy.
Gabadone drug interactions

  • aspirin,
  • anticoagulants
  • warfarin
  •  antiplatelet drugs, and
  •  anti-inflammatory drugs

Gabadone food,herb and supplements interactions

  •  coffee,
  •  fermented foods
  • gabaergic herbs and supplements(e.g., lemon balm, passionflower)