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Drug Name: Fluorometholone
Brand Name(s): Fluor-Op, FML Forte
Drug Class: Corticosteroids
Treats: Eye inflammation, swelling, redness, itching, eye injury

Fluorometholone is the most used corticosteroid employed after a refractive surgery. For a long time now, it has been marketed and sold under two popular brand names namely, Flarex and FML. Fluorometholone works to reduce swelling and irritation in the eye.

Fluorometholone is a corticosteroid medication that treats eye inflammation. The drug works by relieving symptoms such as itching, swelling and redness of the eye. Fluorometholone is supplied in the form of a liquid, and it should be administered into the affected eye. The eye is a very sensitive organ, and thus, you must wash your hands thoroughly before administering Fluorometholone. The drug should be administered in the form of drops, and you must use the dropper for the right dosage. You will experience some stinging or itching of the eye for at least 1 to 2 minutes after administering the drug. You will also have some temporary vision difficulties, but they are just normal side effects of Fluorometholone.