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Drug Name: Flovent
Generic Name(s): fluticasone propionate
Drug Class: corticosteroid
Treats: asthma

Flovent is a prescription medication belonging to a class of drugs known as corticosteroids. Flovent is a brand name drug; the generic name for Flovent is fluticasone propionate. Flovent is used to treat the inflammation of the airways associated with asthma. Flovent works by decreasing swelling and irritation in the airways to allow for easier breathing.

Flovent is a medicine used in the prevention of asthma attacks. The medicine may not be used to treat an asthmatic attack that has already commenced. The active ingredient of the medicine - fluticasone propionate - is a steroid drug, which works by enhancing the effects of glucocorticoid receptors. This leads to its anti-inflammatory and vasoconstrictive effects.

Flovent is only administered via the inhalation route. This means the drug can accurately serve the large surface area of the lungs, the chief site of disease in asthmatic patients. Flovent does not, however, work quickly enough to treat an asthmatic attack. 

Common side effects with Flovent include cold-like symptoms, headache, hoarseness, and nausea.