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Drug Name: Femcap
Generic Name(s): Cervical cap
Drug Class: Contraceptives
Treats: birth control

Femcap is a non-hormonal, latex free contraceptive method. Femcap is a reusable cervical cap that is made of non-allergenic, durable, surgical-grade silicone. It is designed to cover the cervix and prevent any sperm from passing during sexual intercourse. It fits well in your body and does not affect your biology. Femcap is reusable for a year and is proven to be 92% effective in the prevention of unwanted pregnancy.

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Femcap Uses

In the current modern world, a planned pregnancy is very important as the child will be well taken care of when it arrives. Femcap is a birth control method that is safe and effective. This is an alternative to other forms of contraceptives such as the condom, the patch, pills and intrauterine devices (IUDs). Femcap can be left in place for up to 48 hours of protection, it is safe and comfortable to use.

Femcap does not interfere with intimacy spontaneity and neither does it alter your body’s natural chemistry. It gives you full control of your body as you can insert it and remove it whenever you want without your partner's knowledge. It Femcap is prescribed by your doctor and is easy to fit. Femcap is used as:

  • Birth control
  • Contraceptive method

Femcap Dosage

Femcap is prescribed by your physician or healthcare provider. It is available in three sizes. In most cases, a pelvic exam is not done in order to use Femcap. You only need to make a selection based on your pregnancy history.

  • Wash your hands before and after inserting the cap.
  • Spread spermicide in the dome of the cup and around the brim.
  • Insert the cap into your vagina over the cervix at least 6 hours before intercourse.

Note that Femcap does not protect you from contracting STDs; if you are concerned about the possibility of STDs, use condoms.

Femcap can be inserted 6 hours before sex and should be left in place 6 hours after sexual intercourse. Do not leave Femcap in place for more than 48 hours. Do not use Femcap when you are experiencing your monthly periods.

Femcap Side Effects

Femcap does not have any side effects. The only disadvantages of using Femcap are

  • Vaginal irritation because of allergies to spermicide
  • Risk of STD or infection
  • Risk of HIV infection
  • The Femcap can be displaced due to vigorous sex actions and sex positions
  • The size of your partner's sex organ can displace the Femcap during intercourse

Femcap Interactions

Some drugs and substances may interact with Femcap, which may reduce the drug's effectiveness or cause severe side effects. In most cases, Femcap is not combined with other drugs unless the doctor authorizes it. Thus, do not start, stop or change the use of any medication without informing your doctor.

Drugs that interact with Femcap:

  • Polyvalent cations
  • Oral multivalent cations
  • Oral bisphosphonates
  • Chloroquine
  • Hydroxychloroquine
  • Di trivalent cations
  • Dolutegravir
  • Oral quinolones

This is not a complete list of all drugs and substances that interact with Femcap. Hence, share a list of all drugs, prescription and non-prescription and herbal remedies that you may be using with your doctor to enable him monitor possible interactions on your behalf.