Family Medicine

Family medicine is a professional that is centered on creating a lasting, caring relationships of patients and their families. This professional integrates the biological, clinical, and behavioral sciences so that they can be able offer health care that is continuing and comprehensive. The scope that is treated b family medicine is inclusive of people of all ages, sexes and organ system as well as every disease entity. Research has it that the state that put emphasis on the primary care tend to have better health outcome at a low price. On this note, U.S. recommends improvement of the delivery of health care by having more family medicine doctors since they are key to a system that is more effective.

The institution of medicine defines primary care as the provision of health care services that are integrated and more accessible by clinicians who are responsible for accountable and addressing  a large majority of the needs of personal care. These doctors are required to develop a partnership with their patients that are sustained as well as practice in the context of family and the community. Family medicine is a professional that have the primary care of the patient. They do up to one-fourth of all the patient needs. This professional is inclusive of family medicine, general internal medicine and pediatrics, and family physicians. These professionals have a three-dimension specialty that is knowledge, skill, and process. These professionals provide biological, clinical and behavioral sciences so that they can be able to provide health care that is continued and comprehensive. Family medicine does not only give medical attention to their patients, they also give special attention to the lives of their patients within the scope of the family and the community. There are similarities found between family medicine and other primary care specialist. Family medicine has the opportunity to affect the health of their patients over their entire lifetime.

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