Estrogen + Progestin + Iron Combinations Drug Class

Basically, birth control pills work by providing the body with a regular dose of progestin and estrogen. These help control the menstrual cycle, prevent and control issues such as bloating, prevents any pregnancy from taking place and helps reduce and manage heavy menstrual bleeding. These kinds of pills are ideally taken to prevent ovulation while also helping increase iron levels. In some cases, the medication may be given to control other conditions such as premenstrual mood problems and even acne management.

Estrogen + Progestin + Iron Combinations Drugs

Below are drugs classified as Estrogen + Progestin + Iron Combinations.

Estrogen + Progestin + Iron Combinations Uses

The most basic purpose of this class of drugs is the function of birth control. These drugs are also referred to as oral contraceptive pills. They are usually prescribed by health practitioners and work by preventing ovulation from taking place. If there is no ovulation then conception will not take place and this is a firm method of preventing unwanted pregnancies. However, doctors may recommend the use of estrogen + progestin + iron combinations for the control and management of other conditions. These include symptoms of menstruation such as excessive bleeding, cramps, pain and many others.

Estrogen + Progestin + Iron Combinations Side Effects

There are various kinds of side effects associated with Estrogen + Progestin + Iron Combinations. Note that not all possible side effects are listed here.

  • Light or no periods
  • Excessive blinking
  • Tenderness of breasts
  • Mood changes
  • Weight gain
  • Nausea
  • Darkening of the skin
  • Increased or decreased libido
  • For those using the patch, skin irritation

Estrogen + Progestin + Iron Combinations Interactions

The combination birth control pill comes in three different forms. There is the oral pill, the skin patch and vaginal rings. As with any other drug, other drugs and medications may cause adverse interactions. Speak to your doctor before beginning any new medication.

Birth control may cause discomfort for women suffering from: