Emergency/Catastrophic Medical Insurance

Emergency and Catastrophic Insurance is for people who have suffered a suddenly severe medical hardship. The premiums for Emergency and Catastrophic insurance are generally much lower premiums and assist with high medical bills. These plans are intended to take over after your insurance has been exhausted.

In the sudden event that a serious medical condition or incident that requires very costly treatment occurs, this plan will take over after all deductibles have been met. The advantages of Emergency and Catastrophic insurance is that you can get tax credits that will assist you in paying your monthly premium if you purchase it through the ‘marketplace,’ based on income.

You can get Emergency and Catastrophic insurance no matter how much you make, and there are standard prices for catastrophic plans. The ‘hardship’ plan is for people over 30 and has circumstances that require payment assistance in order to pay premiums. Emergency and Catastrophic insurance has risks associated with it as these plans usually will not pay for basic care, which can create a large amount that needs to be paid out of pocket. You can also receive assistance for getting medications free or at lower co-pay rates.

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