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Drug Name: Ec-Naprosyn
Generic Name(s): naproxen
Drug Class: Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
Treats: Migraine headaches, Osteoarthritis, gout pain.

Ec-Naprosyn, also commonly referred to as naproxen, is a pain relieving agent in the class of non-steroidal- anti-inflammatory drugs. Its use dated back to the early 80's and was majorly used as a prescription only drug, until in the mid 90 were when its limited access was changed to an over the counter drug. Its wide use in control of inflammatory reactions alongside relieving the pain associated with this reaction translates great success in the drug market.

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Ec-Naprosyn Uses

It is commonly used in relieving mildly to moderate pain emanating from various inflammatory process. Common conditions that the Ec-Naprosyn may help treat include:

  • Joint pains from arthritis
  • trauma or stress,
  • age-related joint pain
  • redness and swelling
  • gout pain

Through the blockage of the COX pathway, these inflammatory processes are controlled to a point that they do not cause general body discomfort. It may also be used in the treatment of migraine and tension types of headaches. The success of Ec-Naprosyn in the management of these conditions has been a subject of widespread criticism. However, its use and popularity remains unchanged.

Ec-Naprosyn Dosage

Ec-Naprosyn is available in various tablet for formulations. However, most have a strength of 500mg per tablet.The primary route of administration is via oral ingestion. Pharmacists insist on taking the tablets after or during meals.

  • The recommended dosage for joint pains, muscular pain and gout is one tablet every 8 hours; 500 mg three times a day.
  • The dose may be however adjusted to 4 times a day in the management of severe migraine headaches
  • In patients with liver disease, the dose is proportionately adjusted depending on the derangements in the values of liver functions. This is because it essentially metabolized and excreted by the liver and its concentrations may cause toxicity

Ec-Naprosyn Side Effects

Like all the other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, Ec-Naprosyn has a confirmed number of side effects. Consult a medical professional to understand more.

  • Its long-term use has been commonly associated with the development of drug-induced gastritis especially in anorexic patients who probably take it on an empty tummy. Such individuals may present with stomach upsets not related to food poisoning, an acute onset of diarrhoea and vomiting.
  • It is also a leading risk factor in the development and progression of peptic ulcer disease especially among long-term users. Upon confirmation of peptic ulcer disease, the Ec-Naprosyn should be discontinued, and appropriate triple therapy initiated for these patients.
  • Naproxen use may also cause central nervous side effects such as dizziness or syncope and drowsiness. However, such instances are minimal.
  • The drug also causes chest pain and palpitations especially in cases of overdose.

Ec-Naprosyn Interactions

Naproxen has several drug documented interactions. Descriptions of each well-known interaction is listed below. Always inform your doctor of your current medication or conditions before starting on Ec-Naprosyn.

  • Ec-Naprosyn has been noted to reduce the effect and efficiency of some diuretic drugs like thiazide and some loop diuretics
  • Moreover, when used concurrently with Flagyl (methotrexate), an antibiotic, naproxen may increase the plasma concentration of the antibiotic and subsequently its toxicity
  • Although not adequately researched upon and documented, Ec-Naprosyn has been noted to increase the risk of upper gastro-oesophageal bleeding, when used concomitantly with warfarin or similar blood thinning agents
  • The use of naproxen among alcoholics is also highly discouraged. The association between its use and the development of new Gastroenterology symptoms among alcohol abusers is an emerging observation