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Drug Name: E.e.s
Generic Name(s): Eryromycin
Drug Class: Antibiotic
Treats: Bacterial Infections

E.e.s is used as a treatment and prevention of bacterial infections. It comes in two forms, tablet or granule for oral suspension. Basically, it acts by stopping the growth of bacteria. E.e.s which is an antibiotic works only on bacterial infections. Exaggerated use of E.e.s may lead to decreased effectiveness of the drug. This drug should be used for conditions it is prescribed for.

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E.e.s Uses

E.e.s is used to treat bacterial infections, including upper respiratory tract infections, which is an illness brought by an acute infection of the nose, sinuses, pharynx. It also treats lower respiratory tract infections, short breath, weakness, fever, coughing and fatigue. May include Lung Abscess and Acute Bronchitis.

  • listeriosis
  • pertussis
  • skin infections
  • diphtheria
  • erythrasma
  • intestinal amebiasis
  • acute pelvic inflammatory disease
  • syphilis
  • conjunctivitis of the newborn
  • pneumonia of infants
  • urogenital during pregnancy

E.e.s works by stopping the growth of the related bacteria.

E.e.s Dosage

E.e.s is administered as per the body weight. This index is provided as below. Always keep to your doctors' prescription:

  • Under 10 lbs- 30-50 mg/kg/day
  • 10 to 15 lbs- 200 mg
  • 16 to 25 lbs- 400 mg
  • 26 to 50 lbs- 800 mg
  • 51 to 100 lbs- 1200 mg
  • over 100 lbs- 1600 mg

In case of an overdose, take the immediate action and contact your doctor to avert any consequences. In case of a missed dose, take as soon as you remember and if it is time to take the next dose, skip the mixed dose and take as per your schedule.

E.e.s Side Effects

Like most drugs, using E.e.s may bring about side effects. Side effects may differ from one person to the other in terms of severity. While not every patient will experience the side effects, it is important to contact a doctor if the severe effects listed below occur. Possible side effects include: Get medical help if you have any of these signs of an allergic reaction:

  • hives
  • difficulty breathing
  • swelling of your face
  • lips
  • tongue
  • Throat

Call your doctor at once if you have a serious side effect such as:

  • severe dizziness
  • fainting
  • fast heartbeats
  • diarrhea
  • vomiting
  • nausea
  • upper stomach pain
  • Itching
  • loss of appetite
  • dark urine
  • clay-colored stools
  • yellowing of the skin or eyes

E.e.s Interactions

E.e.s may interact with most drugs and is advised to disclose all your medications to your doctor. Some of the drugs that may interact with E.e.s include: