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Drug Name: Drysol
Generic Name(s): aluminum chloride hexahydrate
Drug Class: Antiperspirant
Treats: Excessive sweating

Drysol is a medication that is used to help control excessive sweating. It is only used topically on the skin. If need be, consider drying the affected area with a hair dryer for a couple of minutes before application. While Drysol can be bought over the counter, large amounts should only be used as recommended by the doctor.

Drysol is a medicine used in treating excess sweating problems. It is categorized as an antiperspirant drug and should only be administered topically. Excessive sweating mostly happens when the sweat glands are producing more sweat than they are supposed to. The condition may be triggered by fever, nervousness or when the patient is under stress. Drysol works by altering the sweat producing cells in the body. Drysol reduces the amount of sweat that the glands can produce and this will significantly help in controlling and treating this condition. Drysol should not be used by a pregnant or breastfeeding patient. Users may also experience temporary burning, prickling or even tingling in the treated area.