Prescription Drugs Coupon List – Letter A

This is a full list and index of all generic drug coupons for generic drugs that start with the letter A.

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Drug Generic Drug Class Conditions
A/B Otic Antipyrine/benzocaine otic Local anesthetics Ear inflammation, ear
A D Ointment Vitamins A, D, and E (topical) Vitamins Diaper rash, minor cuts, dry skin, burns
A D topical Vitamins A, D and E (topical) Wound dressings Diaper rash, dry skin, minor cuts, burns
A-G Profen Ibuprofen NSAIDs Mild
A Hydrocort Hydrocortisone sodium succinate Corticosteroids Rheumatic disorders, Endocrine disorders, Allergic diseases, Collagen diseases, Gastrointestinal diseases, Dermatological diseases, Respiratory diseases, Hematological diseases
A Methapred Methylprednisolone Corticosteroids inflammation
A Methapred injection Methylprednisolone sodium succinate Corticosteroids Inflammation
A Methapred solution Methylprednisolone sodium succinate Corticosteroids inflammation
A.P.L Chorionic gonadotropin, human Gonadotropins Prepubertal Cryptorchidism, infertility
A-Spaz hyoscyamine Anticholinergics intestinal conditions, stomach conditions, bladder conditions
A/T/S erythromycin topical N/A
A T S T0pical Erythromycin antibiotic
A/T/S Topical erythromycin (topical) Macrolide antibiotics Bacterial
A-Tan 12X guaifenesin/phenylephrine/pyrilamine Upper respiratory combinations Sinus Congestions, Runny Nose, Throat and Airway Irritations
A-Tan 12X Suspension guaifenesin/phenylephrine/pyrilamine Upper respiratory combinations
A1C Now Glycated hemoglobin hemoglobin test blood sugar
Abacavir Ziagen Nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors HIV infection
Abbokinase Urokinase Thrombolytics Deep venous thrombosis, Dialysis, Pulmonary embolism, Myocardial infarction
Abbott Precision Thin Lancets Diabetes text strips Medical devices type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes
Abelcet Amphotericin B Polyenes Aspergillosis,
Abenol Acetaminophen Acetaminophens
Aber-Tuss Dextromethorphan, chlorpheniramine, phenylephrine Anti-allergy Common cold, flu, hay fever, allergies
Abilify aripiprazole Atypical Antipsychotics
Ablavar gadofosveset trisodium contrast agent Medical procedures
Abletex Guaifenesin/Pseudoephedrine Nasal Decongestant Cough, Nasal Congestion
Abraxane Paclitaxel protein-bound Antineoplastics
Abreva Docosanol Antiviral Drug Cold Sores
Absorica Isotretinoin Retinoid Severe Nodular
ACAM2000 smallpox vaccine Vaccinations Smallpox
Acamprosate Acamprosate calcium Sulfonic Acids Alcohol Dependence
Acanya Clindamycin phosphate and Benzoyl peroxide Clindamycin and Benzoyl Peroxide Combination
AccessPak for HIV PEP Basic Emtricitabine / tenofovir HIV NRTIs HIV, HIV prophylaxis
AccessPak for HIV PEP Expanded with Kaletra emtricitabine, lopinavir, ritonavir, and tenofovir HIV NRTI/NNRTI combinations HIV
AccessPak for HIV PEP Expanded with Viracept emtricitabine/nelfinavir/tenofovir HIV NRTIs HIV
Accolate zafirlukast Leukotriene Receptor Antagonists
Accu-Chek Unistrip Blood Glucose Testing Strip Monitors blood sugar levels
Accu Quit Patches Nicotine RX Smoking Cessation agents smoking cessation
Accuhist PDX syrup Brompheniramine, Dextromethorphan, Guaifenesin, Phenylephrine Upper respiratory combinations allergies, common cold, flu
Accuneb Albuterol Beta-2 Agonist
Accupril quinapril ACE inhibitors
Accupro Quinapril hydrochloride ACE inhibitors
Accurbron Theophylline bronchodilator
Accuretic Quinapril HCL/Hydrochlorothiazide ACE Inhibitors/Thiazide Diuretic Combinations
Accutane isotretinoin Retinoid
Ace aerosol cloud enhancer Ipratropium Oral Inhalation Anticholinergic bronchodilators emphysema, Chronic bronchitis, Asthma
Ace Bandage Elastic Bandage Class I Medical Device Swelling
Acella Antipyrine and Benzocaine Otic Solution antipyrine/benzocaine otic Local anesthetics Ear infections, earwax buildup
Acella Hydrocortisone Acetate - Pramoxine Singles hydrocortisone acetate/pramoxine Corticosteroids Hemorrhoids, Dermatitis,
Aceon Perindopril ACE inhibotors High blood pressure, heart conditions
Aceta w/ Codeine Acetaminophen/codeine Opioid/Acetaminophen combinations Combinations mild or moderate
Acetasol acetic acid otic Otic anti-infectives outer ear canal bacterial infection
Acetasol Hc acetic acid/hydrocortisone Acetic Acid/Corticosteroid combinations Ear infections
Acetic Acid Irrigation Acid Jelly Acetic acids Bladder cleansing
Acetoxyl Benzoyl peroxide Topical acne agents Acne
Aci jel Acetic acid, Ricinoleic acid, and Oxyquinoline Topical Anti-infectives Bacteria Vaginosis
Aciphex rabeprazole sodium Proton Pump Inhibitors
Aclaro Hydroquinone Topical Topical Depigmentation Agents Dermatological Disorders (ultraviolet induced discoloration and dyschromia)
Aclaro Pd hydroquinone topical Melanin Synthesis inhibitors Dark spots, skin conditions
Aclovate alclometasone Corticosteroids eczema, dermatitis, allergies, rash
Acne-Clear Benzoyl Peroxide Topical Acne Agents Acne, Blackheads, Acne scars
Acnisal salicylic acid topical Beta Hydroxy Acids acnes, skin spots
Acova Argatroban Thrombin inhibitors Percutaneous coronary interventions, Heparin-induced thrombocytopenia (HIT), Type II HIT
Actemra Tocilizumab Interleukin-6 receptor inhibitors
Acthar corticotropin Corticotropin
Acthib haemophilus b conjugate vaccine (tetanus toxoid conjugate)/pf Bacterial vaccines Haemophilus Influenzae Type B Medications and
Acthrel corticorelin ovine triflutate Corticotropin Ectopic ACTH-Producing Tumors, Secondary Adrenocortical Insufficiency test
Acticlate doxycycline tetracyclne
Actigall ursodiol Bile Acids Gallstones
Actimmune interferon gamma-Ib interferons chronic granulomatous disease, osteopetrosis
Actimol Children Acetaminophen Miscellaneous analgesics Headache, Backache, Muscle ache, Toothache, Cold,
Actimol Infant Acetaminophen analgesic and antipyretic infant
Actiprofen Ibuprofen NSAIDs
Actis omega fatty acids fatty acids skin
Actisite tetracycline hcl Tetracyclines Periodontal disease
Activase alteplase Thrombolytics Acute Thromboembolic Stroke, Acute Blood Clot in the Blood Vessel, Heart Attack
Activella estradiol/norethindrone sex hormone combinations
Activelle Ld Estradiol/norethindrone acetate Estrogen/progestin combinations
Actonel risedronate sodium Bisphosphonates
Actoplus pioglitazone hcl/metformin hcl Antidiabetic combinations Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
Actoplus Met metformin, pioglitazone Glitazone + Biguanide Combinations Type 2 Diabetes
Actoplus Met Xr pioglitazone hydrochloride and metformin hydrochloride antidiabetic combinations Type II diabetes
Actos pioglitazone Glitazones Type 2 Diabetes
Acular Ketorolac ophthalmic Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug Ocular
Acunol nickel sulfate, potassium bromide, sodium bromide, zinc sulfate anhydrous and sulfur Homeopathic drug Acne rosacea , Acne vulgaris , Peri-oral dermatitis, Folliculitis
Adacel diphtheria, tetanus acellular, pertussis adult vaccine Vaccinations Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis
Adagen Pegademase bovine Other immunostimulants Severe Combined
Adalat Cc Nifedipine Calcium channel blockers High blood pressure,
Adapin Doxepin Tricyclic antidepressants
Adartrel ropinirole Dopamine agonists
Adasuve Loxapine Typical antipsychotics
Adcal Chewable Calcium carbonate Multivitamin and Mineral supplements Calcium deficiency,
Adcal D3 Chewables calcium carbonate and Vitamin D Multivitamin and Mineral Supplements
Adcal-D3 Dissolve calcium carbonate and Vitamin D Multivitamin and Mineral Supplements
Adcal D3 Lemon Chewables Calcium carbonate and vitamin D Multivitamin and mineral supplements Nutritional deficiency
Adcetris Brentuximab vedotin CD30 Monoclonal Antibodies Hodgkin's lymphoma
Adcirca Tadalafil PDE5 Inhibitor Pulmonary
Addaprin ibuprofen NSAIDs Fever, Inflammation,
Adderall Amphetamine/dextroamphetamine, amphetamine sulfate, dextroamphetamine CNS stimulants attention deficit disorder, attention deficit hyperactive disorder and narcolepsy
Adderall Xr amphetamine, dextroamphetamine Central Nervous System Stimulants ADHD, ADD
Adefovir Hepsera Antiviral Hepatitis
Adeks Multivitamin with iron Multivitamin and mineral supplements Nutritional deficiency
Adempas riociguat sGC Stimulators Pulmonary
Adenocard Adenosine Antiarrhythmic. Paroxysmal tachycardia, Wolf, Parkinso, White syndrome and AV nodal reentrant tachycardia
Adenoscan adenosine Adenosine receptor agonists Arrhythmia, medical procedures
Adgan PROMETHAZINE HCL Phenothiazine Nausea, vomiting, narcotic
Adipex Phentermine phenethylamine weight loss in obese individuals
Adipex-P phentermine Sympathomimetics Weight loss
Adipose Phendimetrazine Anorexiant Weight loss, loss of appetite
Adipost Phendimetrazine Anorexiant, Weight loss, loss of appetite
Adlone-40 methylprednisolone steroid Inflammation
Adlone-80 Methylprednisolone None
Adlone Methylprednisolone Glucocorticoids Severe allergic reactions, Eye conditions, Certain cancers, Blood disorders, Skin disease, Lung diseases, Immune system disorders, Kidney complications, Intestinal disorders,
Adora Cefadroxil Antibacterial Prevents survival of bacteria
Adoxa Doxycycline Monohydrate Tetracycline antibiotics
Adrenaclick epinephrine Adrenergic bronchodilators allergic reactions
Adrenalin epinephrine injection Adrenergic bronchodilators Catecholamines Vasopressors Low blood pressure , severe allergic conditions , Asthma-acute, Chronic Obstructive pulmonary Disease, pupillary dilation
Adrenocot Dexamethasone Corticosteroids Severe allergic reactions, eye diseases, skin diseases, intestinal disorders, cancer, blood diseases, arthritis
Adreview iobenguane i-123 diagnostic radiopharmaceuticals Test for certain types of cancer
Adriamycin doxorubicin Anthracyclines
Adrucil Fluorouracil Antimetabolite
Advagraf Tacrolimus Calcineurin Inhibitor Immunosuppressant Eczema,
Advair fluticasone and salmeterol Bronchodilator combinations
Advair Diskus fluticasone salmeterol Beta Agonist + Corticosteroid Combinations
Advair Hfa Inhaler Fluticasone Propionate and Salmeterol oral inhaler Beta Agonist/Corticosteroid combinations
Advanced AM/PM multivitamins with minerals/folic acid/omega-3 fatty acids Multivitamin and mineral supplements Nutritional deficiency
Advantage pyriproxyfen, imidacloprid Pet medications Fleas on cats and dogs
Advantix Advantix parasiticide fleas, ticks and lice in dogs
Advate Antihemophilic Factor (Recombinant) Anticoagulant
Advicor Niacin/lovastatin Statin, Nicotinic acids
Advil Cold and Sinus pseudoephedrine/ibuprofen NSAID Cough and Cold combinations pain, sinus congestion, cough, colds
Advil Ibuprofen NSAIDs Menstrual Cramps, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis , Pain, Fever
Aerius Allergy 24 hours desloratadine Antihistamine Treats sinus problems, treats nasal problems like runny nose, stuffy nose, itchy nose and watery eyes
Aerius Allergy Kids syrup Desloratadine Antihistamine Treats sinus problems, treats itchy noses, Treats runny noses, Treats hives, Treats skin rashes
Aerius Syrup desloratadine Antihistamines Allergies
Aero Otic HC otic Chloroxylenol Corticosteroid/antibiotic combinations Ear infections
Aerobid flunisolide Inhaled corticosteroids
Aerobid-M Flunisolide Corticosteroids
Aerochamber Asthma Spacer Medical devices Asthma
aeroHist chlorpheniramine and methscopolamine Upper respiratory combinations Rhinitis
Aerokid chlorpheniramine, methscopolamine, phenylephrine combined antihistamine, decongestant colds, flu, running nose, wet eyes
Aerolate theophylline anhydrous Xanthines wheezing and difficulty breathing
Aerospan Hfa Flunisolide Hemihydrate corticosteroid
Aerotrach Plus/Albuterol albuterol inhalation adrenergic bronchodilators asthma
AeroTuss 12 Dextromethorphan Antitussive Cough
Aerovent Ipratropium bromide Muscarinic acetylcholine receptor Ipratropium bromide
Aerrane inhalation anesthetic Isoflurane General anesthetics Anesthesia,
Afeditab nifedipine calcium channel blockers High blood pressure
Afinitor everolimus Kinase Inhibitors
Aflaxen Naproxen NSAIDs
Afrin nasal spray oxymetazoline nasal nasal antihistamines and decongestants nasal decongestion
Agar Agar-Agar Luxatives Weight loss, diabetes, constipation
Age spot and lightening hydroquinone Topical depigmenting agents age spots, freckles
Agenerase amprenavir Protease inhibitors human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)
Aggrastat tirofiban hydrochloride Glycoprotein platelet inhibitors unstable angina, heart attacks
Aggrenox aspirin, dipyridamole Antiplatelet + NSAID Combinations
Agriflu Influenza virus vaccine Vaccinations influenza
Agrylin Anagrelide phospholipase A2 inhibitor Thrombocythemia, chronic myeloid
Ahist chlorpheniramine Antihistamine Cold , Allergies, Flu, Hay fever
Airacof codeine phosphate, phenylephrine hydrochloride and diphenhydramine hydrochloride Upper respiratory combinations Cold Symptoms, Nose Inflammation, Stuffy Nose,
Airavite Cyanocobalamin /Folic Acid/Pyridoxine Nutritional Combination Multivitamin Vitmain deficiency, other purposes
Airet Albuterol Beta-2 agonists Asthma, Bronchospasm, Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Airet Solution albuterol sulfate Short-acting beta agonists
AK-Beta levobunolol ophthalmic Beta blockers Increased eye Pressure, open-Angle
AK-Cide sulfacetamide / prednisolone ophthalmic Sulfa antibiotic/corticosteroid combinations
AK-Con-A Naphazoline Decongestant Redness of the eye, itching and puffness
Ak-Con Naphazoline HCL Sympathomimetic Amines Eye Redness, Eye Burning, Eye Irritation , Eye Dryness
AK-Dex dexamethasone opthalmic Corticosteroids
AK Dex ophthalmic dexamethasone sod phosphate corticosteroids
Ak-Fluor Fluorescein Sodium Diagnostic Dyes, Ophthalmic Diagnostic Agents diagnostic aid
Ak Fluor Injection Fluorescein Contrast agents Diagnostic aid
AK-NaCl Sodium Chloride Medical supplies and devices
AK-Neo-Dex Dexamethasone / neomycin Aminoglycoside antibiotic/corticosteroid combinations
AK-Pentolate Cyclopentolate Opthalmic Anticholinergics eye muscle relaxing, pupil dilation
AK Pentolate Ophthalmic cyclopentolate Anticholinergics Muscle relaxing, diagnostic aid
Ak-Poly-Bac bacitracin/polymyxin B ophthalmic Polypeptide antibiotics eye infections
AK-Pred prednisolone sodium phosphate Corticosteroid
AK-Spore gramicidin, neomycin, and polymyxin B ophthalmic Aminoglycoside/polypeptide antibiotic combinations Eye infections,
AK Spore ointment neomycin, bacitracin and polymyxin B ophthalmic Aminoglycoside/polypeptide antibiotic combinations Eye infections,
AK-Sulf sulfacetamide opthalmic sulfa antibiotics trachoma, Conjunctivitis, eye infections
Ak-T-Caine PF Tetracaine Anaesthetic Eye numbness
AK-Taine proparacaine ophthalmic Local anesthetics anesthesia
AK-Tob Tobramycin Aminoglycoside antibiotics
Ak-Tracin bacitracin ophthalmic Ophthalmic anti-infectives Eye infection
AK Trol neomycin, polymyxin B, and dexamethasone ophthalmic Ophthalmic steroids with anti-infectives bacterial eye infections
Akarpine PILOCARPINE HCL Ophthalmic glaucoma agents Types of glaucoma
Akbeta Levobunolol Non-selective Beta Blocker
Akineton Biperiden/ Dekinet Anticholinergic Parkinson disease
Akne Mycin erythromycin Macrolide antibiotics Severe
Akne Mycin Ointment Erythromycin Macrolide antibiotics
Akne Mycin Topical erythromycin Macrolide antibiotics
Akorn Balanced Salt Balanced Salt Solution Intraocular ophthalmic Ocular Surgery
Akpro Dipivefrine prodrugs high pressure within the eye as a result of glaucoma
Akrinol Acrisorcin Fungicide Pityriasis versicolor
Akten Lidocaine Ophthalmic anesthetics Local anesthesia, Ophthalmic surgery
Aktob Tobramycin Ophthalmic Aminoglycoside Bacteria conjunctivitis
Akurza Salicylic Acid NSAIDs Dandruff, acne, psoriasis, calluses, corns, warts, seborrheic dermatitis
Akynzeo netupitant and palonosetron antiemetic combination nausea, vomiting
Ala-Cort hydrocortisone topical Topical steroids Skin inflammation
Ala Hist AC phenylephrine/codeine Upper respiratory combinations
Ala-Hist brompheniramine/diphenhydramine Anti-Histamine Sneezing, Itching, Runny nose
Ala Hist DHC Brompheniramine / diphenhydramine Antihistamines Common cold,
Ala Quin Clioquinol/hydrocortisone Topical Steroids with Anti Infectives Treating skin disorders
Ala Quin Cream clioquinol/hydrocortisone Topical steroids with anti-infectives eczema
Ala-Tet Tetracycline Tetracycline antibiotics
Alagesic Butalbital/acetaminophen/caffeine Analgesic combinations Tension headaches
Alahist DHC dihydrocodeine and phenylephrine Upper respiratory combinations
Alamast pemirolast ophthalmic Mast cell stabilizer eye allergies
Alavert loratadine Antihistamines Allergic Rhinitis, Urticaria, sneezing, itching, watery eyes, runny nose
Albac Bacitracin zinc/ Monensin/ Roxarsone Antibiotic Bacterial enteritis, coccidiosis
Albacort Hydrocortisone Topical steroids Poison oak, Insect bites, Eczema, Itching, Rashes, Dermatitis, Anal itching, Allergies, Itching (women genitalia)
Albafort Iron Mineral Iron deficiency anaemia
Albafort Simple ferrous sulfate Iron products Anemia
Albalon Naphazoline Hydrochloride Ophthalmic Solution, USP 0.1% Imidazoline Eye reddening, eye dryness, itchy or watery eyes due to cold, eye allergies
Albalybe lysine/vitamin B Nutritional Supplements herpes infection, cold sores, vitamin deficiency
Albapec Cf dextromethorphan Antitussives Cough
Albatussin phenylephrine/carbetapentane/guaifenesin Upper respiratory combinations
Albenza Albendazole anthelmintics Hydatid cyst, cysticercosis, giardiasis, pinworm infection, toxocariasis, whipworm, opisthorchiasis, ancylostomiasis, clonorchiasis, hymenolepiasis, necatoriasis
Albuked Human Albumin Plasma expanders pancreatitis, external burns, hypoproteinemia, shock, postoperative albumin loss
Albumarc albumin Plasma expanders Replaces blood volumes loss
Albumarc human albumin (human) Plasma expanders Peritonitis, Shock, Pancreatitis, Burns - External, Hypoproteinemia, Postoperative Albumin Loss
Albumin-Alpine human albumin (human) Plasma expanders Peritonitis, Shock, Pancreatitis, Burns - External, Hypoproteinemia, Postoperative Albumin Loss
Albuminar-25 Albumin human Natural plasma protein shock due to burns, trauma, infections
Albuminar-5 Human serum albumin Plasma expanders hypovolemia, hypoproteinemia, restoration of blood volumes, shocks, burns, blood loss
Albuminar albumin (human) Plasma Expanders Shock, peritonitis, pancreatitis
Albunex human albumin (human) Plasma expanders Burns, blood loss, shock
albuRx albumin human Plasma expanders low albumin levels, Perintoritis, Pancreatitis, Burns, hypoproteinemia
Albustix Reagent urine albumin test strips Medical devices Diagnostic aid
Albustix Reagent Strips urine albumin test strips Medical devices Diagnostic aid
Albutein Albumin Plasma expanders shock , severe burns, low levels of
Alcaftadine Ophthalmic alcaftadine ophthalmic N/A allergic conjunctivitis
Alcaine Proparacaine/Proxymetacaine Ophthalmic anesthetics Medical procedures
Alcohol and Dextrose Alcohol and Dextrose monohydrate Caloric intake
Alcohol in Dextrose ethyl alcohol Miscellaneous uncategorized agents Liver, the central nervous system
Alcohol Swabs isopropyl alcohol Antiseptics clean the skin surface before blood is drawn or ahead of an injection
Alcortin A iodoquinol, hydrocortisone antiprotozoal/corticosteroid combination eczema and fungal infections
Alcortin aloe polysaccharides, hydrocortisone, and iodoquinol Topical steroids with anti-infectives Skin Conditions
Aldactazide Spironolactone/Hydrochlorothiazide Combination Diuretic
Aldactone Spironolactone Aldosterone Antagonists High blood pressure, swelling of the heart, kidney disease, liver disease
Aldara Imiquimod topical Immune response modifier Genital warts Molluscum contagiosum
Aldex guaifenesin and phenylephrine Upper respiratory combinations cough, nasal congestion
Aldoclor-250 chlorothiazide and methyldopa Antiadrenergic agents (central) with thiazides High blood pressure
Aldomet Methyldopa Central Alpha Agonists high blood pressure (hypertension)
Aldoril Methyldopa/Hydrochlorothiazide Central Alpha agonist/Thiazide Diuretic combinations
Aldurazyme Laronidase Recombinant Glycoprotein Mucopolysaccharidosis Type 1
Alenaze brompheniramine and phenylephrine Upper respiratory combinations Allergic rhinitis, Nasal congestion, Rhinitis
Alendron Fosamax alendronate sodium Bisphosphonates Paget's Disease,
Aler-Dryl Diphenhydramine Anticholinergic antiemetics, Antihistamines, Anticholinergic antiparkinson agents Hives, Motion sickness, Itching, Cough, Skin rash, Watery eyes, Sneezing
Aler-Tab Diphenhydramine Antihistamine Sneezing, Runny nose, Watery eyes, Hives, Skin rash, Itching, Cold symptoms, Allergy symptoms
Alera hydroquinone topical Topical depigmenting agents age spots, melasma, chloasma
Alersule PHENYLEPHRINE HCL/CHLORPHENIRAMINE MALEATE Upper respiratory combination stuffy nose and ear congestions, common cold, flu, allergies, breathing problems
Alesse Ethinyl estradiol , Levonorgestrel Contraceptive prevents pregnancy, treats
Aleve Naproxen Anti-Inflammatory Inflammation
Alferon N interferon alfa-n3 Interferons Chronic Liver Inflammation, Venereal Warts, Kaposi
Alferon N Injection interferon alfa-n3 Interferon alphas certain types of cancers , virus infections
Alferon N Solution interferon alfa-n3 Interferons Genital warts (condylomata acuminata, anal warts, venereal warts, anogenital warts
Alfuria Influenza vaccine Vaccine influenza virus
Aliclen Salicylic acid Beta Hydroxy Acids
Align bifidobacterium infantis Dietary supplements supports a healthy digestive system.
Alimta pemetrexed Antifolates
Alinia Nitazoxanide Antiprotozoal agent Diarrhea, Giardiasis, Cryptosporidiosis
Alka-Seltzer Aspirin/antacid Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID), antacid Heartburn, acid reflux, acid regurgitation, upset stomach, body aches,
Alka Seltzer Lemon Lime Sodium bicarbonate Antacids heartburn, upset stomach, stomach acid
Alka Seltzer Plus Aspirin Antihistamine, Decongestant, Sneezing, Aches, Congestion, Pressure, Sore Throat,
Alkaban-Aq Vinblastine vinca alkaloid cancer
Alkabel-SR controlled-release tablets belladonna alkaloids/phenobarbital Anticholinergics Duodenal Ulcer,
Alkabel-sr Belladonna alkaloids and phenobarbital Anticholinergics/barbiturate sedatives Intestinal cramping, stomach cramping, anxiety, intestinal cancer,
Alkeran Melphalan Alkylating Agents
Allan Tannate Pediatric chlorpheniramine and phenylephrine Upper respiratory combinations sneezing, runny or stuffy nose, itchy and watery eyes
Allanderm-T balsam Peru, castor oil, and trypsin topical Wound dressings wounds, skin ulcers
Allanderm T Topical trypsin/balsam peru/castor oil Topical debriding agents Bed Sore, Venous Ulcers
AllanEnzyme papain-urea topical Debriding agents Lesions, wounds, dead tissue
Allanfillenzyme chlorophyllin copper complex / papain / urea topical Topical debriding agents open wounds, burns, ulcers
Allanfol Rx CYANOCOBALAMIN/FOLIC ACID/PYRIDOXINE Vitamin and mineral combinations Vitamin deficiency
Allanhist PDX Syrup brompheniramine, dextromethorphan, guaifenesin, and phenylephrine respiratory
Allantan chlorpheniramine and phenylephrine Upper respiratory combinations Allergy rhinitis, Cold symptoms
Allantex Cyanocobalamin/Folic Acid/Pyridoxine vitamin and mineral combinations vitamin defiencies
Allanvan-Dm Dextromethorphan, Phenylephrine, Pyrilamine Upper Respiratory Combinations cough
Allanvan-S Cough and Cold combinations Upper respiratory combinations Bronchitis, Common cold, Runny nose, Flu, Sneezing, Watery eyes, Sinusitis
Allay HYDROCODONE BITARTRATE/ACETAMINOPHEN Opioids relieve severe to mild
Allepak chlorpheniramine/methscopolamine/ pseudoephedrine Upper respiratory combinations Cold Symptoms, Nose Inflammation, Stuffy Nose,
Aller-Chlor Chlorpheniramine Antihistamines and Decongestants Sneezing, Runny nose, Itchness, Watery eyes, Itchy throat
Aller G Time diphenhydramine Respiratory Cold, Insomnia, Extrapyramidal reaction
Allergen Fexofenadine Antihistamines seasonal allergies, chronic idiopathic urticaria
Allergy Am-PM Chlorpheniramine,oephedrine, methscopolamine sustained-release tablets antihistamine stuffy and runny nose, itchy and watery eyes, Allergies,
Alleroff cetirizine hcl Antihistamines Hay fever, allergies, angioedema, urticaria
Alleroff Syrup Drug Facts cetirizine Antihistamines
Allersol-A Naphazoline ophthalmic Sympathomimetic amines Eye redness, Eye itchiness, Eye puffiness, Eye watering
Allersol naphazoline ophthalmic Ophthalmic antihistamines and decongestants redness, puffiness, itchy eyes, watering eyes
Allertan phenylephrine tannate/pyrilamine tannate/chlorpheniramine Upper respiratory combinations Cold Symptoms, Nose Inflammation, Stuffy Nose,
AlleRx chlorpheniramine/methscopolamine Adrenergic ,Substituted alkylamines, and dopaminergic agents. flu, the common cold, seasonal allergies
Allfen guaifenesin/potassium guaiacolsulfonate Upper respiratory combinations
Allfen-Dm dextromethorphan/guaifenesin Upper respiratory combinations Cold Symptoms, Coughs
Alli Orlistat Lipase inhibitor. Obesity
Allres D carbetapentane/pseudoephedrine Upper respiratory combinations
Allres-G carbetapentane citrate/guaifenesin Upper respiratory combinations Cold Symptoms, Nose Inflammation, Stuffy Nose,
Allres G Suspension carbetapentane/guaifenesin Upper respiratory combinations Colds, Flu, hay fever
Allres Pd pseudoephedrine hcl/carbetapentane citrate Upper respiratory combinations Cold Symptoms,
almora magnesiun gluconate magnesium
alocort Hydrocortisone Acetate Anti-Inflammatory Agents Acute adrenal insufficiency, Allergic reactions, Asthmatic status, shock, Myocardial infarction
Alocril Nedocromil Mast cell stabilizer allergic conjunctivitis
Alodox Doxycycline hyclate Tetracycline antibiotic
Alomide Lodoxamide Mast Cell Stabiliser Conjunctivitis
Aloprim allopurinol xanthine oxidase inhibitor
Aloquin Diiodohydroxyquinoline Antiprotozoals Skin conditions,
Alor aspirin/hydrocodone Narcotic analgesic combinations
Alora Estradiol Therapeutic Symptoms of
Aloxi palonosetron Serotonin Antagonists
Alpain Paracetamol Anilides common cold
Alpha D Galactosidase Alpha-galactosidase Digestive Enzymes Digestive Gas
Alpha Lipoic Acid (Thioctic Acid) alpha-lipoic acid Nutraceutical products weight loss, lowering blood sugar, treating diabetic nerve pain, improving skin discoloration, healing wounds, reducing complications of colonary artery bypass graft surgery
Alphacaine articaine, epinephrine, benzocaine local anesthesia tooth
Alphagan P brimonidine tartrate Ophthalmic glaucoma agents Increased eye Pressure, Wide-Angle Glaucoma
Alphanate von willebrand factor(human) /antihemophilic factor Pharmacological Class(Clotting factor)
Alphanine Sd Coagulation Factor IX Human drug Factor IX deficiency
Alphanine Sd Heat Treat/Solv FACTOR IX Miscellaneous coagulation modifiers prevent or control bleeding
Alphanine SD injectable factor ix complex Miscellaneous coagulation modifiers Factor IX Deficiency,
Alphaquin HP hydroquinone topical Topical pigmenting agents Dermatological disorders such as freckles, melasma, chloasma.
Alphatrex Betamethasone Dipropionate Topical corticosteroid eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, itching
Alprolix Recombinant Coagulation Factor IX Coagulation Factors
Alrex loteprednol Corticosteroids Allergic conjunctivitis,
Alsuma Sumatriptan Triptans (serotonin 5-HT-Receptor Agonist) Cluster headaches and
Altabax retapamulin topical Topical antibiotics Impetigo
Altacaine tetracaine hcl Local injectable anesthetics Local Anesthetic Nerve Block,
Altace ramipril Angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors
Altaflor sodium fluoride Minerals and electrolytes Tooth decay
Altafrin Phenylephrine Vasopressors Eye irritation, dry eye
Altarussin DM Guaifenesin and Dextromethorphan Expectorants chest congestions, coughs, common cold, bronchitis,
Altaryl Diphenhydramine Antihistamines watery eyes, itching, sneezing, and runny nose
Altavera Ethinyl Estradiol/Levonorgestrel Contraceptives Birth Control, Abnormal Uterine bleeding, Endometriosis, Gonadotropin Inhibition,
Altenol acetaminophen Miscellaneous analgesics
Alti-Alprazolam alprazolam Benzodiazepines Chronic Trouble Sleeping, Anxious Medications, Panic Disorder, Repeated
Alti-Amoxi Clav amoxicillin/ clavulanate potassium Beta-lactamase inhibitors
Alti-Haloperidol haloperidol lactate Miscellaneous antipsychotic agents Psychosis,
Alti-Nadolol nadolol Non-cardioselective beta blockers
Alti-Orciprenaline metaproterenol sulfate Adrenergic bronchodilators
Alti-pindolol Pindolol Non-cardio selective beta blockers
Alti Piroxicam Piroxicam Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agents
Alti Timolol Maleate Timolol Non-cardioselective beta blockers Ocular
Alti-Valproic valproic acid Fatty acid derivative anticonvulsants Treats seizures, mood disorders, prevent
Altinac Tretinoin Antineoplastic Agents
Altocor Lovastatin HMG CoA reductase inhibitors cholesterol
Altoprev Lovastatin Statin
Alumadrine Paracetamol Pain Reliver pain
Aluminum Ammonium Sulfate ammonium alum Topical emollients Toxification
Aluminum Chloride In Alcohol Solution Aluminum Chloride miscellaneous topical agents excess perspiration
Aluminum Potassium Sulfate Suprep Bowel Prep Kit Laxatives stomach or bowel problems
Alupent Metaproterenol Sulfate Adrenergic Bronchodilators
Alustra hydroquinone/vitamin a Topical depigmenting agents age spots, freckles and various skin discoloration
Aluvea Urea tropical. Topical emollients. Skin diseases.
Alvesco Ciclesonide Inhaled Corticosteroids
Alyacen 7 / 7 / 7 Ethinyl estradiol / norethindrone Estrogen/progestin combinations Birth control, menstrual
Ambenoium Chloride Mytelase Cholinesterase inhibitors Myasthenia gravis
Ambenyl Pseudoepinephrine Enthanolamine hay fever, common flu, allergies, bronchitis
Ambi Guaifenesin, Phenylephrine Cough expectorant and ??-adrenergic receptor agonist Cough,
Ambien zolpidem sedative-hypnotics
Ambien Cr Zolpidem Imidazopyridine
Ambifed guaifenesin/pseudoephedrine Upper respiratory combinations cough, nasal congestion, sinus congestion
N/A N/A Meningitis, serious fungal infections
Ambophen Guaifenesin Antitussives Narcotic analgesics Common cold, Hay fever, Bronchitis, Allergies, Flu, Runny nose, Watery eyes
N/A N/A Cold Symptoms, Nose Inflammation, Stuffy Nose, Vasomotor rhinitis, Allergic Conjunctivitis,
Amdry D Extended Release Tablets methscopolamine/pseudoephedrine Upper respiratory combinations relieves
Amen Medroxyprogesterone Contraceptives, Hormones/antineoplastics, Progestins Abnormal uterine bleeding, birth control, endometrial hyperplasia, endometrial cancer
Americaine benzocaine Topical anesthetics Pain, Discomfort
Amerifed Dextromethorphan / Pseudoephedrine / Chlorpheniramine Upper respiratory combinations cough, flu
Amethia levonorgestrel/ethinyl estradiol Estrogen/progestin combinations Painful periods, Endometriosis, Abnormally Heavy or Long or Heavy Periods,
Amethopterin Methotrexate sodium anti-metabolites types of cancers,
Amevive alefacept Selective immunosuppressant
Ami-Tex guaifenesin and phenylpropanolamine Upper respiratory combinations Symptoms of common cold, infection of respiratory tract
Amias Candesartan ARBs High blood pressure, Congestive Heart Failure
Amibid Dm Guafenesin/Dextromethorphan Upper respiratory combinations Cold Symptoms, Cough
Amibid LA guaifenesin Expectorants Cold symptoms,
Amidal guaifenesin / phenylephrine Upper respiratory combinations stuffy nose, sinus congestion, chest congestion, cold or flu, throat
Amidate Etomidate Anaesthetic Surgery
Amidrine isometheptene mucate/dichloralphenazone/acetaminophen Antimigraine agents
Amigesic salsalate Salicylates
Amikin amikacin sulfate Aminoglycosides
Amilkin amikacin sulfate Aminoglycosides Serious
Aminess parenteral nutrition solution Intravenous, nutritional products Providing nutrition to the body, food supplement
Amino-Cerv amino acids/sodium propionate/urea cervical Miscellaneous vaginal agents Cervicitis
Amino-Cerv cream Amino acids/sodium propionate/urea cervical cervical inflammation
Aminoacetic Acid Glycine Proteinogenic amino acid Benign prostatic hyperplasia, Schizophrenia , Stroke
Aminobutyric Acid Pregabalin Depressant drugs Relieving anxiety, Decreasing premenstrual syndrome (PMS) symptoms, Improving mood, Treating ADHD, Burning fat, Stabilizing blood pressure, Relieving pain, Promoting muscle growth for lean bodies
Aminofen acetaminophen Miscellaneous analgesics Fever,
Aminohippurate Aminohippurate sodium Diagnostic aid Kidney disease
Aminomine Tryptophan Multivitamin and mineral supplements
Aminosyn Arginine, histidine,isoleucine, leucine, lysine acetate,sodium chloride, potassium acetate, phosphoric acid and magnesium acetate, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, tryptophan, valine, alanine, Intravenous nutritional products Liver dysfunction in infants, cholestatic jaundice, TPN induced metabolic bone disease
Aminosyn-PF Injection isoleucine Intravenous Nutritional Therapy Total parenteral nutrition to infants
Aminoxin pyridoxine Multivitamin and mineral supplements Nutritional deficiency, breakdown of food elements, nerve disorder
Amipaque Metrizamide nonionic radiopaque contrast agent Myelography
Amitid Amitriptyline Antidepressant Neuropathic
Amitril Amitriptyline Tricyclic antidepressant
Amlactin alpha-hydroxy acid natural acid dry skin, keratosis pilaris, xerosis
Amlobenz Amlodopine/benazepril ACE inhibitors with calcium-blocking agents High blood pressure
Ammens Medicated Zinc oxide Topical agents
Ammonium lactate and pramoxine topical Ammonium lactate and pramoxine topical Alpha-hydroxy acid/anesthetic combinations dry, itchy and scaly skin
Ammonul Sodium Benzoate and Sodium Phenylacetate Miscellaneous uncategorized agents Hyperammonemia, nausea
Amnestrogen estradiol Estrogens Low estrogen,
Amniscreen Home detection liner kit Dye-indicator Detect possible leakage of amniotic fluid
Amo Endosol ophthalmic irrigation Organic carbonic acids and derivatives intraocular ophthalmic irrigation of the eye
Amoclan amoxicillin/ clavulanate potassium Penicillin antibiotic/Beta-lactamase inhibitor combinations
Amoxicot Amoxicillin Penicillin antibiotics, Beta lactam antibiotic Sinus infections, Chlamydia
Amoxil amoxicillin Aminopenicillins
Amphadase hyaluronidase Endoglycosidases drug enhancer
Amphetamine Salts Er amphetamine, dextroamphetamine Central Nervous System Stimulants ADHD, ADD
Amphocin amphotericin b Polyene antifungals Fungal Infections
Amphotec amphotericin b cholesteryl sulfate Polyenes Fungal Infections
Ampicillin Sodium Sulbactam Sodium natural penicillins bacterial infections
Ampyra dalfampridine Potassium Channel Blocker; Central Nervous System Blocker
Amrix cyclobenzaprine hydrochloride Skeletal muscle relaxant local muscle spasm, acute musculoskeletal
Amturnide Aliskiren, amlodipine, and hydrochlorothiazide Renin Inhibitors/Calcium Channel Blocker/Thiazide Diuretic Combinations High blood pressure, stroke, heart attack, renal failure
Amuity Ellipta powder Fluticasone Corticosteroids
Amvisc Sodium hyaluronate ophthalmic Ophthalmic surgical agents Surgical aid during eye surgery.
Amvisc Plus sodium hyaluronate ophthalmic Viscosupplements Eye Surgery, Operation on Eye Lens,
Amytal Sodium amobarbital Barbiturates
N/A N/A determines the existence of Alzheimer
AN DTPA pentetate calcium trisodium Antidotes Preparing Technetium Tc 99m Pentetate Injection, removing harmful substances such as americium, plutonium, curium from the body
An-Maa Technetium Tc 99m albumin aggregated (systemic) Radiologic conjugating agents Identifies and treats various diseases that infect body organs such as the lungs for both adults and children.
An-Sulfur Colloid Technetium Tc 99m Sulfur Colloid Radiologic conjugating agents Imaging of internal organs, pulmonary aspiration
Ana Kit chlorpheniramine / epinephrine Antidotes Allergic Reaction to Insect's Sting, Life Threatening Allergic Reaction
Ana-Lex Hc Lidocaine Hydrochloride, hydrocortisone acetate Anaesthetic combination Itching and discomfort caused by allergic reactions, eczema, slight burns, insect bites
Anabar Acetaminophen/ salicylamide/ phenyltoloxamine Analgesic combinations pain
Anacaine Benzocaine Topical Local Anesthetic Painful Hemorrhoids and/ or Fissures, local anesthesia, external burns, pruritus, stomatitis, oral thrush, painful sore throat
Anadrol-50 Oxymethalone Androgen Anaemia
Anafranil clomipramine Tricyclic Antidepressants obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic attacks,
Analgesic Oxymorphone Miscellaneous analgesics Pain, fever
Analpram Advanced diosmiplex, hydrocortisone, and pramoxine Corticosteroids Hemorrhoids
Analpram Hydrocortisone acetate 2.5%, pramoxine HCl 1%; cream; lotion. Topical corticosteroid, topical analgesic
Analpram E hydrocortisone and pramoxine Corticosteroids Skin irritation, hemorrhoids
Analpram-Hc hydrocortisone acetate/pramoxine Anorectal preparations Anal inflammation and itching
AnaMantle HC Hydrocortisone/Lidocaine Local anesthetics Hemorrhoids, inflammation, itching,
Anamantle Hc Cream Kit hydrocortisone and lidocaine Local anesthetic/corticosteroid combinations
Anamantle Hc Forte hydrocortisone , lidocaine topical Topical anesthetics inflammation, itching, Soreness, Anal discomfort
Anamantle Hc Topical/Rectal hydrocortisone, lidocaine N/A pruritus
Anamine chlorpheniramine/pseudoephedrine Antihistamines Cough, Nasal Congestion, Sneezing
Anaplex HD brompheniramine, hydrocodone, and pseudoephedrine Upper respiratory combinations Symptoms of Allergies, common cold
Anaprox naproxen nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
Anaprox-Ds naproxen Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory agents
Anascorp Centruroides (Scorpion) Immune F (ab)'2 (Equine) Antivenins Scorpion envenomation from the Centruroides scorpion.
Anaspaz Hyoscyamine Anticholinergics Ulcers,
Anatrast oral and rectal Barium sulfate Non-iodinated contrast media Diagnosis of internal disorders, X-ray examination
Anatrast paste Barium sulfate Non-iodinated contrast media Diagnosis of internal disorders, X-ray examination
Anatuss Guaifenesin, Dextromethorphan, and Acetaminophen) Upper respiratory combinations cough, cold symptoms, flu, congestion
Anavar Oxandrolone Anabolic steroids Weight gain,
Anbesol Liquid Benzocaine Numbing Medication Pain, Irritations, Pruritus, External Burns
Ancef Cefazolin Cephalosporin antibiotics
Ancef In D5W cefazolin cephalosporin antibiotics Bone infection, Bacterial, Infection of Blood or Tissues, Urinary Tract bacterial Infection, Bacterial Infection of Heart Valve
Ancobon flucytosine Antifungals fungal infections
Andec carbinoxamine / pseudoephedrine Upper respiratory combinations Allergic Rhinitis, Cold Symptoms
Andecon Pediatric chlorpheniramine/ phenyltoloxamine/ phenylephrine/ phenylpropanolamine Antihistamine Hay fever, allergies, sinusitis
Andro-Cyp Testosterone Cypionate Androgens delayed puberty, breast cancer, testosterone deficiency
Andro La 200 testosterone injection N/A
Andro LA Testosterone Androgens
Androcur-depot I.m. Inj Cyproterone acetate Steroidal androgens
Androgel testosterone topical Androgens
Android methyltestosterone Androgens/anabolic steroids
Androplex Testosterone Androgens Hypogonadism, Breast tumor, Delayed puberty
Androxy fluoxymesterone Androgens
Anectine Succinylcholine Depolarizing neuromuscular blocker Muscle cramps,
Anectine Flo-Pack Succinylcholine Neuromuscular blocking agents Induce anesthesia, Muscles relaxation
Anergan 50 Promethazine Antihistamines Phenothiazine antiemetics nausea, sedation, motion sickness, vertigo, allergic reaction
Anergan promethazine Antihistamines Vomiting, nausea, allergic reactions
Anestacaine lidocaine Group I antiarrhythmics Local injectable anesthetics
Anexsia Acetaminophen/hydrocodone Narcotic analgesic combination
Anextuss Guaifenesin/phenylephrine/dextromethorphan Sigma 1 agonist, phenethylamine, expectorant treat allergies, relieve coughs, congested chest, common cold symptoms.
Angeliq drospirenone/estradiol Estrogen/Progestin combinations
Angio-Conray Iothalamate ionic radiopaque agents taken before some X-Rays
Angiomax bivalirudin Direct Thrombin Inhibitor
Angiscein fluorescein/proparacaine Phthalic indicator Diagnostic imaging.
Anhydrous Lanolin Topical emollients Cracked, dry, irritated skin, minor burns, sore nipples
Animas 2020 Insulin Infusion Pump Medical supplies diabetes
Animas Cartridges For Ir1000 Animas Cartridges For Ir1000 Diabetes medications Diabetes
Animas Cartridges for Ir1200 Animas Cartridges for Ir1200 Antidiabetic medications Diabetes
Animi-3 Multivitamins with omega-3 Multivitamin and Mineral Supplements Nutritional supplement, prenatal care
Animi-3 With Vitamin D folic acid/vitamin d/vitamin b6/vitamin b12/omega-3 acids/phytosterols Multivitamin and Mineral Supplements Nutritional deficiency
Animi3 omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids Multivitamin and Mineral Supplements Nutritional deficiency
Anise Pyrite 3X Pimpinella Anisum Anti-histamine Cough, Common cold, Hay fever
Anolor-300 Butalbital/Acetaminophen/Caffeine Anillides tension headaches
Anolor acetaminophen, butalbital, and caffeine Analgesic combinations Tension headaches
Anoquan butalbital/acetaminophen/caffeine Barbiturate/Acetaminophen combinations tension headaches,
Anorex SR phendimetrazine tartratephendimetrazine tartrate Anorexiants, CNS stimulants Obesity, weight gain, overweight
Anoro Ellipta umeclidinium and vilanterol inhalation powder Anticholinergic/Beta Agonist Combinations
Anoro Ellipta Powder umeclidinium/vilanterol Bronchodilator combinations chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Ansaid Flurbiprofen NSAIDs
Anspor Cephradine Cephalosporin antibiotics Middle
Antabuse Disulfiram Alcoholism Alcohol Addiction
Antagon ganirelix Gonadotropin- releasing hormone antagonists Fertility
Antara fenofibrate, micronized Fibrates
>Anthraforte 3% Topical anthralin N/A
Anthrascalp Topical anthralin Antipsoriatics
Anti Gas Ultra Strength simethicone Miscellaneous GI agents Gas, stomach upset
Anti-thymocyte globulin (rabbit) Thymoglobulin Immunosuppressants Organ transplants, organ rejections
Anti-Tussive Td Phenylpropanolamine/Carmiphen Anti-histamine Allergies, Hay Fever, Common Cold. Sinusitis
Antiben Antipyrine Benzocaine Analgesics Ear Pain, Swelling, Congestion
Antibiotic Hc Neomycin/ Polymyxin Ophthalmic steroids with anti-infectives bacterial eye infections, reducing inflammation
Antifungal Combination Products terbinafine Miscellaneous antifungals scalp hair follicles fungal infections in children, Fungal infections
Antilirium physostigmine salicylate Cholinesterase inhibitors overdose of choline drugs
Antinaus promethazine Antihistamines Allergies, motion sickness, nausea, vomiting
Antispasmodic belladonna alkaloids/phenobarbital Anticholinergics Bowel syndrome, intestinal inflammation
Antivert meclizine piperazine derivatives nausea, vomitting, dizziness, vertigo
Antizol Fomepizole Antidotes Acidosis, Drug Toxicity, Vision disorder
Anturane sulfinpyrazone Antigout agents treat gout, gouty arthritis
Anturol Oxybutynin Anticholinergic Urinary Muscle Spasms
Antus Dextromethorphan Hydrobromide Non-narcotic antitussive Coughs
Anu-Med Hc Hydrocortisone acetate Corticosteroid Hemorrhoids , Ulcerative colitis of the rectum, Anal inflammation
Anucort-Hc hydrocortisone rectal Topical Steroids Proctitis, itching or swelling, ulcerativecolitis
Anudil Hc Hydrocortisone acetate Topical steroids Hemorrhoids, Ulcerative colitis, Bloody diarrhea, Rectum inflammation, Rectal pain
Anumed hydrocortisone corticosteroids itching, swelling, burning, and uneasiness related with haemorrhoids
Anumed-Hc hydrocortisone acetate Topical steroids Hemorrhoids, ulcerative colitis
Anurx Hc hydrocortisone Topical steroids Dermatitis, Eczema, Psoriasis, Pruritus, Proctitis, Ulcerative Colitis
Anusol-Hc hydrocortisone acetate corticosteroids hemorrhoids
Anuzone-HC Hydrocortisone Acetate Corticosteroids Ulcerative Colitis, Rectal Pain, Bleeding in Rectal Area, Rectal and Anal Inflammations
Anvit Folic Acid Vitamin Supplement Folate deficiency, Megoblastic aneamia, Antiepileptic therapy, other uses,
Anx Hydroxyzine Hcl antihistamines anxiety, allergies
Anzemet Dolasetron Serotonin Antagonists Chemotherapy side effects
Apap Codeine Acetaminophen/codeine Opioid/ Acetaminophen Combination Mild to moderate
APAP Acetaminophen Miscellaneous Analgesics
APAP/Pentazocine HCl Pentazocine and acetaminophen Narcotic analgesic combinations Fever, Mild & moderate
Apatate w/fluoride Vitamin B/Sodium Fluoride Vitamin and mineral combinations Vitamin/Mineral Supplementation
Apetonic Nr Guaifenesin/Codeine Upper respiratory combinations cough
Apexicon Diflorasone diacetate N/A Inflammation of the skin
Apexicon E Diflorasone Topical steroids eczema, dermatitis, allergies, rash
Apf Acidulated phosphate fluoride Fluoride supplements dental caries
APF Gel sodium fluoride Minerals and electrolytes Cavities in teeth
Aphrodyne yohimbine hcl Impotence Agents
Aphthasol Amlexanox anti-inflammatory agent canker sores
Apidra Insulin glulisine Antidiabetic Diabetes
Apidra Opticlik Cartridge insulin glulisine insulin Diabetes type 1, Diabetes type 2i
Apidra Solostar Insulin glulisine Insulin Diabetes mellitus
Aplenzin Bupropion Antidepressant
Apligraf Skin substitute Medical supplies and devices diabetic foot ulcers, venous leg ulcers
Aplisol tuberculin Diagnostic aid Diagnosis of the tuberculosis
Apo Amoxi Clav amoxicillin / clavulanate Penicillin antibiotic / Beta-lactamase inhibitor combinations
Apo-Amoxi amoxicillin Penicillin antibiotics
Apo Amoxi Sugar Free amoxicillin Penicillin antibiotics
Apo Cloxi penicillin Penicillin antibiotics Actinomycosis, Inhalation Bacillus anthracis, other
Apo Cyclosporine cyclosporine Calcineurin inhibitors Organs rejection
Apo Dipivefrin dipivefrin ophthalmic Ophthalmic glaucoma agents Increased eye Pressure, Wide-Angle Glaucoma
Apo-haloperidol Haloperidol Typical antipsychotics
Apo Ibuprofen Film Coateds Ibuprofen Propionic acid (NSAIDs) Fever, Mild to moderate
Apo-Ipravent ipratropium Bronchodilator
Apo Isdn isosorbide dinitrate : Antifungals agents.
APO-Oxycodone CR Oxycodone Opioids
Apo-Pen VK Penicillin v Penicillin antibiotics
Apo Salvent Cfc Free Albuterol Short-Acting Beta Agonists bronchospasm,
Apo-Salvent albuterol inhalation Short-Acting Beta Agonists
Apo Salvent Inhaler albuterol (Inhalation route) Short-Acting Beta Agonists
Apo-Sulfatrim Trimethoprim antibiotic Bronchitis Urinary, tract infection , Shigellosis , Otitis media
Apo-Tobramycin tobramycin Aminoglycosides Inhaled anti-infectives bacterial
Apokyn Apomorphine Antiparkinson agent Parkinson
Appbutamone Bupropion hydrochloride, tyrosine Atypical Antidepressants Major depressive disorder (MDD), Smoking cessation, Neuropathic pain, Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
Appbutamone-D bupropion Miscellaneous antidepressants, Smoking cessation agents Major depressive disorder, seasonal affective disorder, helps people quit smoking, attention deficit hyperactive disorder
Appearex Biotin Vitamins Seborrhea in small children, Thinning hair, Brittle nails, Nerve
Appecon phendimetrazine Anorexiants CNS stimulants obesity
Appformin metformin Non-sulfonylureas Type 2 diabetes
Appformin-D metformin Non-sulfonylureas Type 2 diabetes
AppTrim Amino Acid Supplement Anorexiants CNS stimulants Obesity
Apraclonidine Iopidine Alpha-adrenergic
Apresazide Hydralazine and hydrochlorothiazide Thiazide diuretics
Apresoline carbetapentane Heart Blood Circulation
Apri ethinyl estradiol/ desogestrel Contraceptives Prevents pregnancy
Apriso Mesalamine Aminosalicylates
Aptiom Eslicarbazepine Anticonvulsants Partial onset seizures
Aqua-Mephyton phytonadione Vitamins Bleeding problems
Aquabid-Dm dextromethorphan / guaifenesin Expectorant./cough suppresant combination common cold, bronchitis, sinus inflammation
Aquachloral Chloral hydrate Sedatives, hypnotics Insomnia, controlling pain during surgery, symptoms caused by alcohol withdrawal.
Aquachloral Supprettes chloral hydrate Anesthetics
Aquagen Sq Alyostal Upper respiratory combinations Allergy, anxiety
Aquanil Hc hydrocortisone acetate Topical steroids Dermatitis, eczema, insect bites
Aquaphilic W/Tac + Carbamide Urea topical Topical emollients eczema, psoriasis, keratosis
Aquaphyllin Theophylline Xanthines
Aquasol A Vitamin A Vitamin Vitamin A deficiency.
Aquatab C phenylephrine/carbetapentane/guaifenesin Upper respiratory combinations congestion,
Aquatab D Guaifenesin/Pseudoephedrine Hcl upper respiratory combinations coughs (from the common cold)
Aquatab Dm dextromethorphan and guaifenesin upper respiratory combinations coughs, common cold
Aquatensen methyclothiazide diuretic High blood pressure
Aquazide Hydrochlorothiazide Thiazide Diuretics
Aquazide-H hydrochlorothiazide Thiazide diuretics Hypertension, Heart attack, kidney diseases
Aquoral Artificial saliva Medical Supplies and Devices Dry mouth,
Aralast alpha 1-proteinase inhibitor serpin emphysema
Aralast Np alpha-1 proteinase inhibitor alpha-1 proteinase inhibitor emphysema
Aralen Chloroquine Antimalarials malaria, amoebic liver abscess,
Aralen HCL Chloroquine hydrochloride Antimalarials Malaria, Rheumatoid arthritis, Amoebiasis
Aralen Phosphate Chloroquine phosphate Antimalarial Malaria, Liver infection, Rheumatoid arthritis
Aramine Metaraminol Beta-blockers Hypotension
Aranelle ethinyl estradiol and norethindrone Contraceptives prevents pregnancy
Aranesp darbepoetin alfa Erythropoiesis-Stimulating Agents
Arava Leflunomide Antirheumatic agent
Arbinoxa Carbinoxamine Antihistamine drugs Runny nose, stuffy nose, watery eyes, itching, seasonal and perennial allergies
Arcalyst Rilonacept Immunosuppressants cryopyrin-associated periodic syndromes
Arcapta indacaterol maleate Beta-2 Adrenergic Agonist Chronic bronchitis, Emphysema
Arcapta Neohaler Indacaterol Bronchodilator Obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
Arcet Butalbital/acetaminophen/caffeine Barbiturates Tension headaches, Migraine headaches
Arco-Lase Plus Pancrelipase Digestive aids Indigestion
Arduan Pipecuronium bromide Neuromuscular blocking agents relaxant, anxiety, muscle tension
Aredia Pamidronate Bisphosphonates N/A
Arestin Minocycline Tetracycline Antibiotics
Argentum 2X Carvedilol Beta-Blocker Hypertension, Heart Failure, Heart Attack
Argesic-Sa Salsalate Salicylates Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis
Aricept Donepezil Acetylcholinesterase inhibitors
Aricept Odt donepezil Cholinesterase inhibitors dementia, Alzheimer disease
Aridex carbetapentane / carbinoxamine / phenylephrine Upper respiratory combinations nasal congestion
Aridex-D carbinoxamine/phenylephrine Upper respiratory combinations Congestion, cough, allergies, common cold
Aridol Mannitol Diagnostic aid testing bronchial challenge
Arimidex Anastrozole Aromatase inhibitors
Aristo-Pak Triamcinolone Glucocorticoids Temporal arteritis, Eczema, Ulcerative colitis, Sympathetic ophthalmia, Lupus, Allergies, Arthritis, Aphthous ulcers, Psoriasis, Ocular inflammation, Contact dermatitis (Urushiol-induced), Uveitis, Prevention of asthma, Skin disorders, Breathing complications
Aristocort triamcinolone corticosteroid variety of skin condition
Aristospan Triamcinolone Corticosteroids
Arixtra Fondaparinux Antithrombotic Blood clot
Armour Thyroid Dessicated thyroid Thyroid Underactive Thyroid
Arnuity Ellipta fluticasone furoate Inhaled corticosteroids
Aromasin exemestane Aromatase Inhibitors
Arranon nelarabine antimetabolites Cancer
Arrestin trimethobenzamide Anticholinergic Nausea, vomiting, gastroenteritis, other illnesses
Arsenic trioxide Arsenic trioxide Miscellaneous antineoplastics promyelocytic
Arsenicum Album 6X arsenic trioxide liquid arsenic trioxide Headache, diarrhea, vomiting, stomach upset
Artane Trihexyphenidyl Anticholinergics Symptoms of Parkinson's disease
Arthrotec Diclofenac, Misoprostol Anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) Relieve
Articadent Articaine Hydrochloride Anesthetic Providing anesthesia during local and complex dental operations
Artiss fibrin sealant topical miscellaneous coagulation modifiers. Hemostasis, Closure of Colostomy
Artiss-Duploject fibrin sealant Human plasma Control bleeding during surgery
Arzerra ofatumumab (OH fa TOO mue mab) CD20 monoclonal antibodies Chronic lymphocytic leukemia.
Asacol mesalamine Aminosalicylates
Asacol Hd mesalamine Aminosalicylates
Asclera polidocanol Sclerosing agent Varicose veins
Ascocid ascorbic acid vitamin c vitamin c deficiency
Ascomp-Codeine aspirin, butalbital, caffeine, and codeine Analgesic combinations headaches, migraines
Ascomp with Codeine Aspirin/butalbital/caffeine/codeine Analgesic combinations tension headaches
Asellacrin 2 Somatropin Human growth hormones growth failure, kidney failure, Noonan syndrome, turner syndrome.
Asendin Amoxapine Tricyclic antidepressants
Asmalix Theophylline Methylxanthines Emphysema, Asthma, Chronic bronchitis
Asmalpred Prednisolone Corticosteroids breathing problems, immune systems disorder, skin and eye problems, blood problems , arthritis
Asmalpred Plus prednisolone Corticosteroids
Asmanex Mometasone Inhalation, Mometasone Furoate Corticosteroids
ASP Aspartic Acid Dietary supplements Nutritional deficiency
Assure Sore Throat Phenol Local anesthetics Sore Throat, Mouth Irritation
Astagraf Xl tacrolimus Calcineurin inhibitors organ rejection
Astagraf XL extended-release capsules Tacrolimus Calcineurin inhibitors Kidney transplant, Eczema, Kimura's disease, Vitiligo, Refractory uveitis
Astagraf XL oral and injection Tacrolimus Calcineurin inhibitors Eczema, Kimura's disease, Kidney transplant, Vitiligo, Liver transplant, Refractory uveitis
Astelin azelastine Antihistamines runny nose, nasal itching, stuffy nose, sneezing, post nasal drip.
Astepro Azelastine HCL Antihistamine drug Sneezing, itching/runny/stuffy nose, post nasal drip
Astramorph Morphine Narcotic Analgesics Severe
Astramorph-Pf Morphine Narcotic analgesics Mild and chronic Pain
Atabex prenatal multivitamins and minerals with docusate, iron, and folic acid Iron products vitamin and mineral combinations Iron deficiency anemia, vitamins deficiency, minerals deficiency
Atacand Candesartan Angiotensin II Receptor Antagonist + Angiotensin Receptor Blocker (ARB) High Blood Pressure,
Atacand Hct Candesartan cilexetil and hydrochlorothiazide Angiotensin receptor blocker (ACB) and diuretic
Atamet Carbidopa/Levodopa Antiparkinsonian Drug Parkinson
Atapryl selegiline Dopaminergic antiparkinsonism agents Monoamine oxidase inhibitors Parkinson
Atarax Hydroxyzine Antihistamine Allergies,
Atasol Acetaminophen Pain reliever Aches
Atelvia Risedronate sodium Bisphosphonates
Atgam Lymphocyte immune globulin Immune globulin rejection of a kidney transplant
Athrombin Thrombin Surgical Bleeding
Ativan lorazepam benzodiazepines
Atnaa Atropine Anti-toxin Poison
Atnativ Antithrombin III Parenteral anticoagulant Deficiency of anticlotting agents, Venous thromboembolism
Atopica Cyclosporine Immunosuppressants Atopic Dermatitis
Atopiclair Non-steroidal cream Non-steroidal anti biotics Atopic Dermatitis, Contact Dermatitis, Dry Skin
Atovaquone atovaquone, proguanil Miscellaneous antibiotics Malaria
Atralin tretinoin retinoid
Atrapro Sodium lithium magnesium fluorosilicate Emollient; antipruritic Itching, burning,
Atretol carbamazepine Dibenzazepine anticonvulsants Epilepsy Trigeminal, Neuralgia
Atreza Atropine anticholinergic agents rigidity, tremor, extreme salivation, and sweating triggered by Parkinson
Atridox Doxycycline hyclate Tetracycline antibiotics Periodontitis
Atripla efavirenz, emtricitabine, tenofovir HIV NRTI + NNRTI Combinations HIV
Atrohist chlorpheniramine, pyrilamine, and phenylephrine Upper respiratory combinations Cold symptoms, allergic rhinitis
Atromid-S clofibrate Fibric acid derivatives Obesity
Atropen Atropine Anticholinergic Drug Organophosphate Poisoning, Anticholinesterase Poisoning
Atropin-Care Drops atropine N/A pupillary dilation
Atropine-Care Atropine ophthalmic Mydriatics Refraction, Papillary Dilation, Uveitis
Atropisol atropine ophthalmic mydriatics Pupillary Dilation, Uveitis , posterior synechiae
Atrovent Ipratropium bromide inhaler Anticholinergic
Atrovent Hfa Ipratropium Hfa Inhaler- oral bronchodilator Bronchospasm
ATryn Antithrombin Anticoagulants antithrombin deficiency
ATS Erythromycin Antibiotic
Attenuvax measles virus vaccine Viral vaccines Prevention of measles
Atti-Plex P phentermine Anorexiants Obesity
Atuss HD Chlorpheniramine Opium Alkaloids and derivatives High fever, flu, allergies
Atuss Hs chlorpheniramine/hydrocodone Substituted alkylamines,Sympathomimetics colds,
Atuss HX Guaifenesin/hydrocodone Upper respiratory combinations Congestion,
Aubagio teriflunomide Pyrimidine synthesis inhibitors
Augmentin Amoxicillin Clavulanate Penicillin Antibiotic Bacterial infection
Augmentin ES Amoxicillin Antibiotic Ear Infections
Auralgan antipyrine, benzocaine, u-polycosanol N/A cerumen removal
Aurax Otic Solution Antipyrine, Benzocaine Otic anesthetics Ear Infections
Auro-Paroxetine paroxetine hcl Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs) Posttraumatic Stress Syndrome, Bipolar
Aurobiotic-Hc Neomycin Sulfate/Polymyxin B Sulfate/Hydrocortisone Antibiotics Ear infections caused by bacteria
Aurodex Antipyrine/benzocaine Otic anesthetics Ear inflammation , Otitis Media, Ear Wax
Auroguard benzocaine/antipyrine Otic anesthetics ear pain, ear inflammation
Aurolate Gold sodium thiomalate Antirheumatics
Auroto Antipyrine/benzocaine Otic anesthetics Earwax, Otitis Media, Ear inflammation
Aurum taraxacum officinale Antipsychotic Homeopathy, depression, Nausea,
Aurumheel Hawthorn None Circulatory hypertension, Disorders of the cardiac rhythm, Disorders of the coronary blood circulation, Myocardial damage, Angina (chest pain), Heart failure, High blood pressure
Autopen Insulin Injection Pen Imuran Injection Reusable insulin Pen Diabetes
Autoplex T anti-inhibitor coagulant complex Coagulation factors
Autoplex T injectable Anti-inhibitor coagulant complex Coagulation factors
Availnex chewable tablets Carbocysteine Expectorants Pulmonary oxidative stress, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Availnex Carbocisteine Mucolytics Chronic obstructive pulmonary Disorder, bronchiectasis
Avalide hydrochlorothiazide and irbesartan Angiotensin II inhibitors with thiazides High Blood Pressure
Avalox Moxifloxacin Quinolone antibiotics
Avandamet Metformin/Rosiglitazone Combination Biguanide-Thiazolidinedione Type 2 Diabetes
Avandaryl Glimepiride + Rosiglitazone Thiazolidinediones Type 2 Diabetes
Avandia Rosiglitazone Glitazones Type 2 diabetes
Avapro irbesartan ARBs
Avar Sulfacetamide Sodium/Sulfur Cleanser Dermatitis, seborrheic,
Avar-E sulfacetamide sodium, sulfur topical N/A
Avar Ls sulfacetamide sodium/sulfur Topical antibiotic Rosacea, Seborrhea, Acne
Avastin bevacizumab VEGF Antibodies
Avc sulfanilamide Sulfa Antibiotics Yeast Infections
Avelox Moxifloxacin Quinolone antibiotics
Aventyl Nortriptyline Tricyclic Antidepressants
Aviane-28 Ethinyl estradiol, Levonorgestrel Estrogen/progestin combinations Birth control,
Aviane Ethinyl estradiol Contraceptives Ovarian cysts,
Avidoxy Doxycycline Miscellaneous Antimalarials or Tetracyclines
Avita Tretinoin gel Retinoids
Avitene Lidocaine/ Collagen Anesthetic Ulcers, Burns, Shallow Wounds
Avodart dutasteride 5-Alpha Reductase Inhibitors
Avonex interferon beta-1a Interferon Betas
Avonex Pen interferon beta-1a Interferon Betas
Axid Nizatidine Histamine 2 blockers stomach and intestine ulcers, heartburn
Axiron Testosterone Androgens
Axitinib axitinib N/A renal cell carcinoma
Axocet Butalbital/acetaminophen Analgesic combinations Tension headaches
Axona Caprylidene Medical food
Aygestin norethindrone acetate Progestogen, progestin Uterine bleeding, amenorrhea, endometriosis
Azactam Aztreonam Therapeutic Classification -Antibiotics Bacteremia,
Azasan Azathioprine Immunosuppressant and anti metabolite
Azdone aspirin/hydrocodone Narcotic analgesic combinations
Azmacort Triamcinolone Acetonide Corticosteroid
Azo-Septic Phenazopyridine HCL Analgesic relieve irritation of the urinary tract
Azo Standard Phenazopyridine Analgesic Symptoms caused by an irritation or infection in the urinary tract
Azo Sulfisoxazole Sulfonamides and Phenazopyridine antibacterial-analgesic Urinary tract Infections
Azogen Nalidixic Acid/Phenazopyridine Miscellaneous genitourinary tract agents Urinary tract infection
Azor Amlodipine, Olmesartan Angiotensin II receptor antagonist Blood pressure
Azulfidine Sulfasalazine Aminosalicylate
Azurette Desogestrel Oral contraceptives Pregnancy prevention,