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Drug Name: Doxepin
Brand Name(s): Silenor, Zonalon, Prudoxin Deptran
Drug Class: Tricyclic antidepressasnt
Treats: : Major depression, hives, Itchy skin, Anxiety disorder, Atopic dermatitis, Depressive Disorder

Doxepin is an antidepressant belonging to the tricyclic group. Doxepin comes in two forms, its oral form is prescribed for the treatment of mental conditions such as anxiety disorders, depression and insomnia, while its topical form is prescribed as a secondary and short-term treatment for hives, atopic dermatitis, pruritus and chronic idiopathic. Doxepin functions by inhibiting the performance of neurotransmitters by affecting their balance and availability in the brain.

Doxepin is a medication used to treat mental/mood disorders such as depression and anxiety. As an antidepressant, Doxepin helps in improving your mood and make you feel well-being, relieve tension and anxiety. It can also be used as a treatment for insomnia which a sleeping disorder where one have trouble sleeping. Doxepin works by blocking the effects of histamine present in the brain to help you stay sleep. Another condition that can be treated by the use of this drug is urticarial. The drug is supplied as a liquid and capsules, and it should be administered orally. It should be taken at least 3 times daily. In case one of the side effects persists for long, seek medical attention.