Discount Film Tickets

When shopping around for cheap or even discount film tickets, the internet is the place you want to be. Since the creation of smart phones and wifi enabled tablets most of us have one of these devices, allowing you to carry the internet with you wherever you go. This is great, no more clipping magazine pages to get that promo code. Hold up that smartphone and show the code to the store worker and boom, redeem your code! Welcome to the future.

After a little time searching the internet, I have found some of what most will agree on to be sure ways to save you a little extra green when seeing a movie on the big screen!

Where to Find Discount Film Tickets

discount film tickets

1. Groupon

Groupon is an app that lets you browse from a giant catalog of deals. Everyday there are tons of new deals and sometimes you could get a good deal on movie tickets! Deals on Groupon range from discounted savings to package deals like buying two movie tickets and getting a free drink with popcorn at the concession stand. If you have a smartphone or tablet, Groupon is available on both Android and Apple.

2. Livingsocial

Livingsocial works to the same effect as Groupon. Chances are that finding discounted movie tickets on Livingsocial could turn out to be slightly greater. Movie ticket discounts come in forms of redeemable vouchers and like Groupon deals are updated frequently. If you do not see what you are looking for, keeping checking you are bound to see what you’re searching for eventually.

3. Dealflicks movies

This great app is designed for one purpose, to save you money on film tickets. Get lucky here and grab discount film tickets for up to 60% off, thats a deal! The app is available on both Apple and Android devices as well as a website you could visit if you have neither. Simply type in your zipcode and the name of the movie you would like to see and Dealflicks will show you all the deals along with promos available for that movie in your area!

4. Fandango

No surprise here, when it comes to saving money on movie tickets right movie-goers?

Fandango is always in the advertisements that follow a movie, and for a good reason. Fandango members get cool perks like free movies and food at the concession stand. If you are going to see a movie anyway might as well sign up for a Fandango card. It is free to sign up to start receiving your theater rewards.

5. Matinees

An oldy but a goody, matinees. Everyone should be familiar with this method of saving money when it comes to getting discount film tickets. If you do not know what a matinee is, a Matinee is when the movie theater offers discounted movie tickets during a small time frame like 5:30pm-6:30pm for example. Be sure to check with your favorite theater to ask about the matinees times and prices as the prices and times will vary from location to location.