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Drug Name: Dichloralphenazone/Acetaminophen

Isometheptene/Dichloralphenazone/Acetaminophen is a medication that contains antipyrine with chloral hydrate together with the combination of paracetamol and isometheptene.

Isometheptene/Dichloralphenazone/Acetheptene is used as a sedation for the treatment of short-term insomnia, though it is not a better choice for treating insomnia.

The combinations of Isometheptene/Dichloralphenazone/Acetaminophen are used to relieve tension and migraine headaches. The combinations of the drug work as follows:

Isometheptene works by narrowing the widened blood vessels. Acetaminophen works by relieving mild to moderate pain from various causes, including a headache. Dichloralphenazone works by helping you to relax.

Patients should take this medication at the first sign of a migraine.