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Drug Name: Depo-Provera
Generic Name(s): medroxyprogesterone acetate
Drug Class: progestins
Treats: Birth control, pain from endometriosis

Depo-Provera is a medication used to prevent pregnancy in women, as an alternate form of contraception or to relieve symptoms of pain by endometriosis. This drug requires a prescription and can be bought in both generic and brand forms. This medication works by preventing a woman"s egg from fully developing a process that may result in a pregnancy. There are several brands on the market today. Check with your doctor or the product package for the correct dosage as it may differ from brand to brand.

Depo-Provera, which is also known as medroxyprogesterone, is a form of progesterone, a female hormone that prevents ovulation. Depo-Provera is a form of injection that is given to women for preventing pregnancy.

Depo-Provera is also used for reducing pain that is caused by Endometriosis. Depo-Provera is also used to ease pain and other symptoms in women who are suffering from metastatic uterine or kidney cancer.

Depo-Provera causes changes in the cervical mucus and the uterine lining which makes it harder for the sperm to reach the uterus and harder for a fertilized egg to attach to the uterus.