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Drug Name: Debrox
Generic Name(s): hydrogen peroxide/ urea
Drug Class: Cerumenolytics
Treats: ear wax or cerumen

Debrox is a drug that belongs to the cerumenolytics drug class. The active ingredient present in Debrox is known as carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide-urea. Hydrogen peroxide-urea is a crystalline compound that releases free hydrogen peroxide when dissolved in water. Debrox, therefore, is used to treat earwax or cerumen buildup, which blocks the ear canal and impair hearing.

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Debrox Uses

Cerumen, also commonly known as earwax, is a waxy substance that is generally secreted in the ear canals. It serves different purposes in the ear like lubrication, cleaning and protection of the skin found in the ear canal. At times, it can provide protection from microorganisms like fungi and bacteria. It can also protect the ear from water that might enter the inner ear.However, the accumulation of cerumen can cause a blockage of the ear canal and bring about a reduction of hearing. Debrox can remedy this by releasing hydrogen peroxide in the ear that comes into contact with catalase and acts as a source of nascent oxygen. This oxygen starts foaming immediately it comes into contact with the skin causing the wax to soften, break up and can easily be removed.

  • Ear wax removal

Debrox Dosage

Debrox is both a prescribed and over the counter formulation, however it is advisable at all times to acquire your dosage instructions and treatment plan from a prescribing pharmacist or your doctor because they are professionally equipped to charter out your dosage regimen.

Your dosage will be formulated based on

  • Your age
  • Your condition

It is advisable that you should not use Debrox for more than four days consecutively not unless prescribed by your doctor. The dosage is set as follows

  • For the removal of cerumen, adults are instructed to administer 5-10 drops of Debrox twice a day within the infected ears for up to a period of 4 days maximum
  • For children less than 12 years old, the dose is reduced to 1-5 drops of Debrox administeredtwice a day.

Debrox Side Effects

Side effects may accompany the use of most prescription drugs, this may also be the case for Debrox its use may be accompanied by the emergence of some undesired symptoms or side effects.These side effects may tend to vary from one individual to another within a selected population and may in some isolated cases fail to appear all together.It is important to understand that these side effects can be dealt with and that they should not impede you from completing your treatment regimen. Below you will find a list of side effect associated with Debrox. Note that not all possible side effects are listed.

  • Allergic reactions
  • Hives
  • Difficulties breathing
  • Swollen eyes or lips
  • Angina
  • Swelling on the face
  • Itching

Debrox Interactions

Drug interactions may directly influence the activity of the drug and its ability to deliver the desired effects. These interactions may also put you at a serious risk of experiencing adverse side effects. Drug interactions should be keenly monitored because they can overshadow the overall effects of the drug or even exaggerate its effectiveness.

The best way to rule out any adverse drug interactions is by informing your prescribing pharmacist or doctor about all the substances you are taking prior to receiving your initial dose of the targeted drug. These substances may either be prescription drugs or over the counter substances, vitamins or herbal supplements. Telling your doctor every medication you use will enable your doctor to make an informed decision about what drug interactions may be hazardous.

Debrox has no documented drug interactions, however, you should consult your doctor prior to your first use.