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Zenatane belongs to a class of drugs known as Retinoids. The drug's generic name is Isotretinoin. Zenatane is used in the treatment of severe cystic acne that has not responded to any other medication. Zenatane may also be used in the treatment of other medical conditions as determined by your doctor. Zenatane is a medicine used in the treatment of skin disorders, such as severe acne. Zenatane may also be used in the treatment of melanoma and granuloma annulare. The active ingredient of the medicine is vitamin A - or isotretinoin, a nutrient which has been shown to have powerful effects on skin health. Zenatane is available via the oral and topical routes. The precise mechanism of action of Zenatane is currently unknown though it is thought the medicine works by reducing oil production from follicular cells. Zenatane is best absorbed when taken with a high-fat meal because the drug itself is lipophilic (favors fat-type environments). Common side effects with Zenatane include dizziness, dry skin and eyes, chapped lips, nosebleeds, and headache.

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Zenatane Info

Drug Name: Zenatane
Generic name: Isotretinoin

The active ingredients of Zenatane are:
Drug Class: Retinoid [EPC] , Retinoids [CS]

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