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Vaniqa is a medicine used in the treatment of facial hirsutism. It may also be used to treat African trypanosomiasis. The active ingredient of the medicine - eflornithine - works by irreversibly binding to an enzyme crucial to the hair production process. Common side effects with Vaniqa include stinging, burning, itching and skin rash.

Vaniqa is a prescription cream that consists of about one percent eflornithine hydrochloride designed to reduce and eventually stop the growth of facial hair in women. It breaks the growth cycle of the hair in the applied area by altering the function of certain enzymes in the hair follicle. Vaniqa should be applied twice a day not less than eight hours apart unless the health expert says otherwise. It may take up to two months to get the desired result.

Pregnant and breastfeeding women should seek medical advice before using the product while children under the age of twelve should not use this cream. Users should wait for a few minutes before applying other skin products and about four hours before washing the skin.  Other hair removal techniques should be used in combination with Vaniqa. Side effects include rashes and a burning sensation around the applied area. In some cases, the skin becomes red but just for a short while. If these symptoms persist, the treatment should be stopped.

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