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Urocit - K, also called Potassium Citrate, belongs to the drug class of Urinary alkalinizers, which help to make the urine more alkaline or less acidic. This is beneficial to treat conditions of renal tubular acidosis as well as prevent kidney stones that may form as a result of gout. Urocit - K works by reducing the acidity of urine as a result of which, the kidneys get rid of uric acid. The reduced uric acid in the kidneys means fewer chances of formation of kidney stones as well as having gout. The medicine is also used to treat certain metabolic disease called acidosis.

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Urocit-k Info

Drug Name: Urocit-k
Generic name: Potassium citrate

The active ingredients of Urocit-k are:
potassium citrate
Drug Class: Acidifying Activity [MoA] , Calculi Dissolution Agent [EPC] , Anti-coagulant [EPC] , Decreased Coagulation Factor Activity [PE] , Calcium Chelating Activity [MoA]

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