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Thiothixene is among numerous antipsychotic drugs that are used to treat mental conditions. Thiothixene belongs to a rare class of drugs called thioxanthene, a drug used mainly in the management of schizophrenia among the teens and adult population. There are other unprecedented uses that may be determined by a psychiatrist. Thiothixene is indicated for the treatment of certain mental and mood disorders including schizophrenia. The drug helps you to clear your thoughts, reduce nervousness, and overall enjoy living.Thiothixene can help in reducing aggression and the desire to inflict harm on both self and others. The drug is not approved for psychotic conditions associated with dementia. Thiothixene is classified as antipsychotic medication and it affects the actions of chemicals found in your brain.  The medicine works by assisting in restoring balance of certain natural substances such as dopamine in the brain. The drug can cause heart failure, sudden death and even pneumonia in elderly patients with dementia-related conditions.

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Thiothixene Info

Drug Name: Thiothixene

The active ingredients of Thiothixene are:
Drug Class: Typical Antipsychotic [EPC]

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