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Tacrolimus is a drug that is given to patients to help prevent their bodies from rejecting kidneys, liver or heart transplant. This drug works by weakening a patient 's immune system in order for the body to accept an organ transplant as its own. Tacrolimus can also be used to treat fertilizing Crohn's disease, especially in patients who have not responded to the usual treatment. Because it lowers the immune system; this drug makes a patient's body susceptible to other conditions such as cancers like skin cancer and lung cancer.In addition, as a result of the lowered immunity, the patient will be at risk of almost any other type of infection. Tacrolimus is used together with other drugs to prevent organ rejection in certain patients after liver, heart or kidney transplant. As an ointment, Tacrolimus is indicated for the treatment of eczema. Tacrolimus, under the doctor’s supervision, can also be used to suppress inflammation caused by ulcerative colitis. Tacrolimus belongs to a class of drugs known as immunosuppressants. It works by reducing the immune system’s activity to prevent it from attacking the transplanted organ. It is important to mention that as Tacrolimus decreases the activity of the immune system, it increases the risk of getting a serious infection. You should, therefore, stop using Tacrolimus and call your doctor immediately if you experience flu-like symptoms, skin pain, sore throat or any other sign of infection.

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Tacrolimus Info

Drug Name: Tacrolimus

The active ingredients of Tacrolimus are:
Drug Class: Calcineurin Inhibitor Immunosuppressant [EPC] , Calcineurin Inhibitors [MoA]

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