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Silver sulfadiazine is simply a topical cream popular known for its effectiveness in treating burns. The drug is known to prevent the skin from contracting infections in patients with severe burns. It can be applied even in the most serious burns since it helps the skin to heal without any form of complications. Silver Sulfadiazine is prescribed together with other medication to help prevent and treat wound infections in individuals with severe burns. Silver Sulfadiazine is in a category of medicines known as sulfa antibiotics. Silver Sulfadiazine may also be used to prevent and treat other skin and wound infections such as skin ulcers. Silver Sulfadiazine works by inhibiting the growth of bacteria that may cause further infection. Silver Sulfadiazine also reduces the bacteria adjacent to the skin or the blood where it can cause sepsis, a condition characterized by a severe blood infection. Silver Sulfadiazine should not be used on newborns or premature babies during the first two months of life to avoid serious side effects.

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Silver sulfadiazine Info

Drug Name: Silver sulfadiazine

The active ingredients of Silver sulfadiazine are:
silver sulfadiazine

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