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Prolensa (bromfenac) is used during certain eye surgeries to prevent the pupils from becoming too small for the surgeons to operate. It is an anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID). Prolensa is also used to prevent swelling and pain associated with cataract surgery. Prolensa (bromfenac sodium) is a medication that is indicated for treating postoperative inflammation and reducing ocular pain in patients who have had surgery. The drug is specially meant for eye treatment and thus only patients that had an eye surgery should be prescribed this medication.  Prolensa works by blocking the effects of the prostaglandin ( a natural substance) that are known for causing pain and inflammation. The drug is supplied in the form of a solution and should be administered in the form of drops into the affected eye. Due to the sensitive nature of the eye, wash your hand thoroughly first and make sure that the dropper does not touch the eye. Place one drop of Prolensa into the eye twice a day for two weeks.

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Prolensa Info

Drug Name: Prolensa
Generic name: Bromfenac sodium

The active ingredients of Prolensa are:
bromfenac sodium
Drug Class: Cyclooxygenase Inhibitors [MoA] , Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Compounds [Chemical/Ingredient] , Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Drug [EPC]

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