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Olfoxacin is an antibiotic belonging to a class of medications known as fluoroquinolones. Olfoxacin treats conditions like pneumonia, skin infections, bronchitis, prostate, and urinary tract infections caused by bacteria. Ofloxacin works by preventing the multiplication of bacteria that cause infections. Ofloxacin may also be used in other infections such as those of the intestine, stomach, bones, and joints. It helps in prevention of plaque or anthrax. Ofloxacin belongs to the drug class known as quinolone antibiotics. It is used to treat and prevent eye infections associated with corneal ulcers and conjunctivitis. It is to be used in patients from 1 year and older. Ofloxacin should only be used for bacterial eye infections and will not work for any other types of eye infection. When using this medication, do not overuse it, or it may decrease its effectiveness. Contact your healthcare provider if you have allergic reactions to a fluoroquinolone antibiotic. Ofloxacin works by stopping or preventing  bacterial infections of the eyeball. It does this by inhibiting bacteria growth or killing susceptible bacteria.

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Ofloxacin Info

Drug Name: Ofloxacin

The active ingredients of Ofloxacin are:
Drug Class: Quinolone Antimicrobial [EPC] , Quinolones [CS]
Treats: Conjunctivitis

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