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Nystatin is an antifungal drug that is used to prevent the growth of fungi. Nystatinhas a very mild effect onthe body and is suitable for treating candidiasis outbreaks. This is because unlike other prescription medicines, Nystatin will not destroy the good bacteria that in found in the gut. Nystatin is a medication used for the treatment of fungal infections. Nyastin is an anti-fungal drug that works by inhibiting the growth of fungal cells. It also works by killing the fungal cells that are responsible for causing the infection. The drug can be used to deal with an infection even in the advanced stage. Nystatin is supplied in the form of a solution and should be administered orally or topically as directed by the physician. Shake Nystatin well before using and follow the prescription as provided for by the doctor. Dryness, irritation and itching, nausea and headache are some of the common side effects of Nystatin. You are also advisable to seek medical attention in the case of a serious Nystatin allergic reaction.

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Nystatin Info

Drug Name: Nystatin

The active ingredients of Nystatin are:
Drug Class: Polyene Antifungal [EPC] , Polyenes [CS]
Treats: Thrush

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