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Necon, generic name norethindrone and ethinyl estradiol belongs to a class or drugs known as Contraceptives sex hormone combinations. Necon is used in medicine to prevent pregnancy in female patients. Necon is a drug combination that contains an estrogen and a progestin. It normally functions by preventing the release of the egg during ovulation. Necon is a medicine used as a contraceptive agent. The medicine contains two active ingredients - ethinyl estradiol and norethindrone - each of which works by different, but complementary means. Both of these drugs are female hormones, ones which regulate the ovulation and wider reproductive processes. Necon is used to prevent ovulation, the process where an egg is released from an ovary. The medicine also works by other means, such as altering the uterine lining and cervical mucus consistency. These effects make it harder still for the egg to implant into the uterus. Common side effects associated with Necon include breast tenderness and swelling, nausea, skin freckles, weight changes, and altered hair growth patterns.

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Necon Info

Drug Name: Necon
Generic name: Norethindrone and ethinyl estradiol

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