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Metoprolol Tartrate is a beta blocker used for lowering high blood pressure. Metoprolol Tartrate is also used for treating angina, prolonged severe chest pains and severe heart attacks. Metoprolol Tartrate moderates the action of chemicals like epinephrine, which affect the heart and blood vessels. This lowers the blood pressure and eases the flow of blood through arteries, stabilizing the heart rate. Metoprolol Tartrate is a beta-adrenergic blocking agent that is used to treat high blood pressure, and it can be used alone or together with other medications. Lowering high blood pressure can aid in preventing heart attacks, strokes, and kidney problems.  This drug can also treat angina and improve survival after a heart attack. Metoprolol Tartrate can also be used for migraine headache prevention, irregular heartbeats, tremors, long-term treatment of chest pain, and heart failure.  Metoprolol TartrateIt is also used to stabilize heart rhythms in conditions where the heart is beating in an irregular rhythm or too fast. This drug works by blocking the action of certain natural chemicals in your body such as epinephrine, on the blood vessels and the heart.

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Metoprolol tartrate Info

Drug Name: Metoprolol tartrate

The active ingredients of Metoprolol tartrate are:
metoprolol tartrate
Drug Class: Adrenergic beta-Antagonists [MoA] , beta-Adrenergic Blocker [EPC]

Angina Heart conditions Hypertension Heart Failure

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