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Lorzone is a medicine that is used as a muscle relaxant. It works by having the nerves impulses blocked or the pain sensations that are send into the brain. This medicine is used alongside other treatments like physical therapy to treat a condition that is known as skeletal muscle like pain and injury. Lorzone is also known as chlorzoxane, and it is used as a muscle relaxer. When used, it blocks nerve impulses sent to the brain. It is mostly used in cases of pain or injury. Lorzone is also used for physical therapy and rest. Since it enhances a state of being relaxed, lorzone may impair your reaction or think therefore one should not indulge in activities that require alertness for example driving. In addition, remember to always consult the doctor for a prescription of the dosage. Ensure to inform the doctor of any allergic reactions you may be having or liver problems. Always ensure you take the dose with a full glass of water and ensure you follow the dosage as prescribed by doctor.

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Lorzone Info

Drug Name: Lorzone
Generic name: Chlorzoxazone

The active ingredients of Lorzone are:
Drug Class: Centrally-mediated Muscle Relaxation [PE] , Muscle Relaxant [EPC]

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