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Intuniv is a medication for treating ADD and ADHD. Intuniv is not a psychostimulant like other ADHD medications, but is an antihypertensive made from guanfacine. This means that rather than stimulating the brain with neurotransmitters to regulate behavior, Intuniv reacts with the brain so that a person's memory, attention, and impulse control are improved while their likelihood for distraction is decreased. Intuniv comes in the form of an extended-release tablet, and its effects last all day. Intuniv is used as a medication to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).  Intuniv strengthens the working memory in the brain and helps with symptoms including inattentiveness, disruptiveness, impulsiveness, and hyperactivity. The doctor gives the dosage of Intuniv, and you should follow the instructions provided. Intuniv is to be taken by mouth and is usually taken once a day depending on the directions given to you by the doctor; you should not chew or crush; always swallow the pill whole. Remember to share a list of drugs you are currently taking including vitamins and herbal medications. Side effects of Intuniv may include: Dry mouth Dizziness Constipation Nausea Headache Tiredness If other side effects occur, consult your doctor as soon as possible. Similarly to other drugs, Intuniv may interact with other drugs like: Valproic acid Azole antifungals Antihistamine Carbamazepine Use these drug as directed by the doctor to avoid complications.    

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Intuniv Info

Drug Name: Intuniv
Generic name: Guanfacine

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