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Glucophage XR is a biguanide anti diabetic drug and is used to cure type-2 diabetes. The generic name of Glucophage XR is Metformin. Glucophage XR is used for cure of Type 2 diabetes. However, it is not used for treating type 1 diabetes. There are various other situations when Glucophage XR is prescribed. You can take it with proper diet and exercise and enjoy the life with controlled sugar. Glucophage XR helps the pancreas produce insulin and hence checks the production of the glucose in liver. Glucophage XR is used to cure fatty liver diseases as well.

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Glucophage xr Info

Drug Name: Glucophage xr
Generic name: Metformin hydrochloride

The active ingredients of Glucophage xr are:
metformin hydrochloride
Drug Class: Biguanide [EPC] , Biguanides [CS]

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