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Glucagon is a synthetic or man-made hormone used in patients with diabetes who are experiencing severe/acute hypoglycemia or very low levels of blood sugar. Aside from its use as an anti-hypoglycemic agent, it is also used in several diagnostic procedures related to the stomach, duodenum, and other organs of the digestive system. Glucagon is an emergency medication that treats severe hypoglycemia or low blood sugar. It is prescribed to diabetic patients who cannot take some form of sugar by mouth. Glucagon acts in a similar manner as the body's glucagon and works by raising blood sugar by causing the body to release stored sugar in the liver. The drug may also be prescribed to a patient undergoing an X-ray procedure to slow down the colon, intestine and stomach movement for a better picture. Glucagon is supplied in the form of an injectable powder that should be administered subcutaneous, IM or IV. It is safe for use in both pediatric and adult patients, but the dosage must be observed closely.

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Drug Name: Glucagon

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