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Glofil-125 is a sterile aqueous injection containing sodium iothalamate. Glofil-125 is used for evaluation of glomerular filtration in the monitoring or diagnosis of patients with renal disease. Glofil-125 is popular for the measurement of the glomerular filtration rate (GFR). Glofil-125 is a Radiopaque agent, which contains iodine and absorbs x-rays. Depending on how it is given, Glofil-125 builds up in a particular area of the patient's body. This leads to a high level of iodine in that area, which allows x-rays to take a clearer picture.

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Glofil-125 Info

Drug Name: Glofil-125
Generic name: Sodium iothalamate i-125 injection

The active ingredients of Glofil-125 are:
iothalamate sodium i-125
Drug Class: Radioactive Diagnostic Agent [EPC] , Radiopharmaceutical Activity [MoA]

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