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Glimepiride comes from a drug class known as sulfonylurea antidiabetic medicine and it works by making the pancreas to release insulin that helps in lowering the blood sugar level. When we control high blood sugar we prevent kidney damage, nerve problems, loss of limbs and blindness and also sexual function problems. With proper control of diabetes we also lessen the risk of getting heart attack and stroke. Glimepiride is a special medication that helps in controlling high blood sugar in patients diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. It is a sulfonylureas drug that works by releasing the natural insulin into the body to help in the conversion of excess sugar to other forms of energy. Glimepiride is also believed to trigger high metabolism rate to enhance the burning of excess sugar. The drug may also be used in with other diabetic drugs to treat and control severe diabetic condition. Controlling average blood sugar levels helps a lot in preventing other serious medical conditions such as kidney damage, loss of limbs, and sexual dysfunction, among others. Glimepiride is for oral administration only, and the dosage should be followed as per the prescriptions.

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Glimepiride Info

Drug Name: Glimepiride

The active ingredients of Glimepiride are:
Drug Class: Sulfonylurea [EPC] , Sulfonylurea Compounds [CS]


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