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Estropipate is a naturally occurring hormone used in the medical field for balancing the levels of hormones in postmenopausal women. Estropipate is an estrogen most commonly used for hormone replacement treatment in women approaching menopause and the ones experiencing symptoms of a post menopausal phase, including hot flashes and dryness of the vagina. Estropipate is a drug categorized under estrogens. The medication is indicated for the treatment of vaginal burning, dryness or itching, and hot flashes among individuals that have gone through menopause. Estropipate is also effective in the prevention of weak bones commonly referred to as osteoporosis, which is often associated with menopause. For older individuals whose bodies no longer produce enough estrogen to cause a menstrual cycle, Estropipate is prescribed to them as a replacement therapy. This way, it will help users produce sufficient estrogen or even replace the natural estrogen that is now not produced. Estropipate will not reverse menopause but will make its symptoms more livable.

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Estropipate Info

Drug Name: Estropipate

The active ingredients of Estropipate are:

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