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Effient is usually prescribed to patients who have undergone cardiovascular surgery to install a stent after a heart attack. It is often taken with aspirin. Effient drug is used as a medication in preventing blood clots in patients with acute coronary syndrome and patients with certain heart and blood vessels disorders. It has a generic name known as prasugrel which belongs to a class of drug known as antiplatelet or platelet aggregation inhibitors. To be on the safe side of this medication, you should discuss with your doctor if you are allergic to ticlopidine medications. Similar to other drugs, side effects may occur while using Effient. Therefore, you should report any severe side effects that may seem to be abnormal. Make sure you follow your instructions from the doctor.

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Effient Info

Drug Name: Effient
Generic name: Prasugrel hydrochloride

The active ingredients of Effient are:
prasugrel hydrochloride
Drug Class: Decreased Platelet Aggregation [PE] , P2Y12 Platelet Inhibitor [EPC] , P2Y12 Receptor Antagonists [MoA]

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