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Edluar is a sedative that is also known as a hypnotic. It affects the chemicals found in the brain so that they do not become unbalanced and lead to insomnia. Edluar tablets are used in the short treatment of insomnia. This is the condition under which individuals have problems to fall asleep. Edluar comes from the class of sedative-hypnotics used by people that have trouble falling asleep. It treats sleep problems (insomnia). Edluar makes one fall asleep faster resulting in better night rest. This drug produces a calming effect and works well with adults for short-term treatment. It is not recommended for children of the age of 18 and below. This drug is known to be sublingual since it is used by placing it on your tongue and gets dissolved from there. Edluar contains zolpidem tartrate which speeds the rate at which you get carried away by sleep. This drug is a sedative-hypnotic medicine.

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Edluar Info

Drug Name: Edluar
Generic name: Zolpidem tartrate

The active ingredients of Edluar are:
zolpidem tartrate
Drug Class: gamma-Aminobutyric Acid-ergic Agonist [EPC] , GABA A Agonists [MoA] , Pyridines [CS] , Central Nervous System Depression [PE]

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