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Edecrin Is used in treating swelling that comes as a result of liver problems, congestive heart failure and kidney problems.Edecrin is perceived as a strong and efficient water pill.Note that overuse of Edecrin can lead to mineral and water loss. Therefore, when using Edecrin it is advised that the doctor should monitor the use the Edecrin. You have to inform the doctor if the mouth is dry, if you are too thirsty, in case of muscle cramps and if you experience confusion.

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Edecrin Info

Drug Name: Edecrin
Generic name: Ethacrynic acid

The active ingredients of Edecrin are:
ethacrynic acid
Drug Class: Increased Diuresis at Loop of Henle [PE] , Loop Diuretic [EPC]
Treats: Kidney disease, Kidney failure

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