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Dronabinol is a drug that comes from a synthetic form of cannabis and is indicated for the treatment of nausea and vomiting that is caused by cancer and chemotherapy. It is also used in patients with AIDS to treat loss of appetite that results in weight loss. Dronabinol is in a class of drugs called cannabinoids. Dronabinol is a medication that treats nausea and vomiting caused by chemotherapy and cancer in particular patients. The medicine may also be used to treat loss of appetite in patients who have AIDS. It is a cannabinoid drug that works by affecting the action of the certain chemical causing these conditions in the brain. Once the balancing and the level of these chemicals has been achieved, the patient will start behaving normally.  Dronabinol is always advisable to let the physician know if you are taking other medications and mostly the herbal medicines. If you have any allergies to food and drugs, let the doctor know before prescribing the drug. Dronabinol is supplied in the form of a solution and should be administered orally with or without food.

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Dronabinol Info

Drug Name: Dronabinol

The active ingredients of Dronabinol are:
Drug Class: Cannabinoid [EPC] , Cannabinoids [CS]

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