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Dopram is a brand name prescription medication for IV injection, used to treat breathing problems following surgery and for individuals suffering a drug overdose. In instances following surgery, post-anesthesia respiratory depression or apnea, where breathing slows or stops, Dopram can be used to stimulate respiration. Dopram is effective in instances where this is due to drug-induced breathing difficulties, not muscle relaxing drugs, hypoxia nor airway obstruction. Dopram works by stimulating respiratory centers in the brain and spinal cord. Within 20 to 40 seconds, Dopram begins to initiate respiratory stimulation, peaking within 1 to 2 minutes, and increasing respiratory rate slightly.

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Dopram Info

Drug Name: Dopram
Generic name: Doxapram hydrochloride

The active ingredients of Dopram are:
doxapram hydrochloride
Drug Class: Increased Medullary Respiratory Drive [PE] , Respiratory Stimulant [EPC]

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