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Coreg CR, also known as carvedilol, belongs to a group of drugs called non-cardioselective beta blockers. These beta blockers affect the bloodflow through the arteries and veins. Coreg CR affects the function of the heart, and is used by healthcare practitioners to treat heart failure and high blood pressure in patients. Coreg CR can also be used after an episode of a heart attack to help the heart pump the blood effectively. Coreg CR can also be prescribed by physicians for purposes other than the ones mentioned. Coreg Cr (carvedilol) is used in treating heart failure and high blood pressure. It is used to improve the chances of living longer after a heart attack. Coreg Cr is an angiotensin II receptor blocker drug with the ability to treat and prevent hypertension and heart failure. In treating the high blood pressure, Coreg Cr mainly works on the blood vessels and mostly the arteries. It operates in the brain where it activates the chemical that causes the arteries to dilate, and this drastically increases the interior diameter of the blood vessels to reduce pressure.  Coreg Cr also helps people with heart failure since they do not have to go to the hospital if they have this drug. It is supplied in the form of a liquid, and its administration should be by mouth only.

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Coreg cr Info

Drug Name: Coreg cr
Generic name: Carvedilol phosphate

The active ingredients of Coreg cr are:
carvedilol phosphate
Drug Class: Adrenergic alpha-Antagonists [MoA] , Adrenergic beta1-Antagonists [MoA] , Adrenergic beta2-Antagonists [MoA] , alpha-Adrenergic Blocker [EPC] , beta-Adrenergic Blocker [EPC]

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