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Colyte is a laxative that is used to cleanse the stomach before or after surgery or any other medical procedure. It works by drawing and retaining water in the colon which aids in softening the stool, leading to a bowel movement. It is also used to cleanse the bowels as it flushes out all the contents within the stomach.

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Colyte Info

Drug Name: Colyte
Generic name: Peg-3350 and electrolytes

The active ingredients of Colyte are:
polyethylene glycol 3350; sodium chloride; potassium chloride; sodium bicarbonate; sodium sulfate
Drug Class: Osmotic Activity [MoA] , Osmotic Laxative [EPC] , Stimulation Large Intestine Fluid/Electrolyte Secretion [PE] , Increased Large Intestinal Motility [PE] , Inhibition Large Intestine Fluid/Electrolyte Absorption [PE] , Potassium Compounds [CS] , Potassium Salt [EPC]

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