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Ceretec is a radiopharmaceutical injection used to find and treat certain diseases or to study the function of organs in the body. When Ceretec injection is administered in a patient, the doctor may be able to see an image of the brain, and determine if there is any problem. This is commonly necessary in cerebral perfusion scintigraphy in the treatment of stroke. Ceretec injection may also be used for leukocyte labeled scintigraphy, a diagnostic imaging test, to help locate stomach infections and inflammatory bowel disease if suspected in a patient.

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Ceretec Info

Drug Name: Ceretec
Generic name: Technetium tc-99m exametazime

The active ingredients of Ceretec are:
technetium tc-99m exametazime
Drug Class: Radioactive Diagnostic Agent [EPC] , Radiopharmaceutical Activity [MoA]

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