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Caverject Impulse is a vasodilator solution in an autoinjection syringe. It works by dilating the blood vessels in the penis and surrounding area, allowing blood to flow into and fill up the corpora cavernosa (the sponge-like tissue responsible for erection of the penis). This medication is available by prescription only. Caverject Impulse (alprostadil) is a prostaglandin which works by relaxing various muscles in the penis and widening blood vessels. It helps you to have a prolonged erection by increasing blood flow to the penis. Caverject Impulse is used for treating erectile problems in men. It may also be used to diagnose erectile dysfunction in men. However, when the effect of the Caverject Impulse decreases, the blood flow returns to normal, and the erection goes away. Do not use Caverject Impulse if you are allergic to any ingredient in it. Also, do not use if you have blood problems such as leukemia, sickle cell anemia, bone marrow problems or other conditions that may cause a painful erection. Consult your doctor before using Caverject Impulse.

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Caverject impulse Info

Drug Name: Caverject impulse
Generic name: Alprostadil

The active ingredients of Caverject impulse are:
Drug Class: Genitourinary Arterial Vasodilation [PE] , Prostaglandin Analog [EPC] , Prostaglandin E1 Agonist [EPC] , Prostaglandin Receptor Agonists [MoA] , Prostaglandins [Chemical/Ingredient] , Venous Vasodilation [PE]

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