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Bumetanide works as a loop diuretic. It forces the kidney to flush out potassium, sodium, and water. Bumetanide increases urine formation thus eliminating excess fluid. Bumetanide mainly treats conditions such as fluid retention and hypertension but eventually works in helping patients with heart failure, swellings, and hig blood calcium levels. Bumetanide is a drug that treats swelling caused by heart, kidney or liver disease. The drug is mostly used to treat edema, a condition characterized by an excess of fluid in the body caused by heart or kidney or liver disease. Bumetanide is a loop diuretic drug that works by forcing the kidney to eliminate potassium, water and sodium through the urine. Bumetanide causes the patient to make more urine and allows the excess fluid to find its way out. Apart from treating edema, Bumetanide can also be used to treat high blood pressure in people with heart failure or kidney or liver disease. By treating hypertension, Bumetanide qualifies to be among the drugs that can prevent stroke, kidney problems and possible heart attacks.

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Bumetanide Info

Drug Name: Bumetanide

The active ingredients of Bumetanide are:
Drug Class: Loop Diuretic [EPC] , Increased Diuresis at Loop of Henle [PE]

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