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Atralin is a topical cream used daily to treat common acne. Atralin is a drug used to treat body acne. Atralin has a generic name known as Tretinoin which belongs to a class of medicines known retinoid.  This medication helps in growth of skin cells. Medication of Atralin drug minimizes pimples and wrinkles on the body gaining smooth skin. Using this drug, a high point of hygiene is needed to avoid contaminations. This medication is for skin use only and should not be applied to any inner skin, scrubbed or even eczema affected skin. While using this medication, you should be very carefully to avoid eye contaminations. The doctor only gives the dosage but not anyone else. Side effects may appear while using this medication. Remember to share a list of drugs that you may be taking with you doctor to be safe.

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Atralin Info

Drug Name: Atralin
Generic name: Tretinoin

The active ingredients of Atralin are:
Drug Class: Retinoid [EPC] , Retinoids [CS]

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