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Anastrozole is medication that is categorized under the drug class aromatase inhibitors or hormones/antineoplastics. Anastrozole is used in treatment of breast cancer in women who are a postmenopausal stage. Anastrozole medication reduces the level of estrogen hormone in the female body reducing the size of tumors and slowing down their growth.

Anastrozole is a non-steroid hormone therapy drug that is used for the treatment of breast cancer post-surgery as well as ovarian cancer in women. It can come in tablet form and does contain lactose as one of its ingredients. It is not ideal for individuals who are lactose intolerant.  Anastrozole is marketed under the brand name Arimidex for women who have already passed menopause and are in early stage of breast cancer and works by lowering estrogen levels with the aim of shrinking tumors. 

Estrogen is believed to help stimulate the growth of hormone-receptor-positive cancer cells, especially breast tissue cancer cells. Anastrozole drug can be administered either with a meal or on an empty stomach. It must be consumed at the same time every day during the medication for maximum effect.

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